Best Classic Salted Peanut Brands in India – Mishry
best classic salted peanut brands in india

Best Classic Salted Peanut Brands in India – Mishry

Want to know why we chose Haldiram’s Salted Peanuts as the best during our taste test?

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Can you name the most perfect bar snack? Do salted peanuts come to your mind as well? 

Salted peanuts are addictive. But did you know that not all brands taste the same? The crunch of the nuts, their size and level of seasoning can make a huge difference.

Team Mishry picked four popular brands of packaged salted peanuts and conducted a blind taste test to find the best classic salted peanut brands in India. Jabsons, Haldiram’s, Bikano and Tong Garden – Who wins the race? Let’s find out who our Top Pick is and why.

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Classic Salted Peanut Brands in India – Everything You Need To Know

To find the best classic salted peanut brands, we researched what’s available in the market and how easy it is to get our hands on it. More on that in this section – 

1. Brands We Picked

We picked four popularly available brands that have shown an online and offline presence.

  • Tong Garden
  • Bikano
  • Jabsons
  • Haldiram’s
classic salted peanut reviewed brands
Our contenders.

2. Available Sizes

Salted peanuts are available in packs of 30 grams-400 grams.

3. Price Range

A small pack of salted peanuts can start from Rs 10/- and go up to Rs 300/- as the size increases. The price varies from brand to brand. 

4. Shelf Life

The brands of peanuts we reviewed hold a shelf life between 5-15 months.

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Classic Salted Peanut Brands – Our Review Factors

Our review process was divided into two stages – 

Stage 1 included a visual inspection which also included an aroma check and we examined the peanuts for their oiliness. 

Stage 2 was a blind taste test. We put all four brands of peanuts in labeled bowls and served them to the team of reviewers. The tasters had no knowledge of which brand they were tasting.

After two back–to–back tastings, we found a unanimous winner. 

classic salted peanut reviewed brands packaging
Classic salted peanut - Brands we tested.
classic salted peanut reviewed brands in india review
The peanuts were sent out to the reviewers for a blind tasting.

1. Packaging

As packaging impacts the freshness of the peanuts, we answered the following questions – Is the pack of peanuts re-sealable? Is the plastic pack sturdy or flimsy? Any leaks and punctures? 

2. Main Ingredients

Peanuts and …?

The type of peanuts used and the seasoning added make a huge difference. We checked all the brands for their ingredients. 

3. Flavor

The taste of raw and roasted peanuts is extremely different. Dry roasting nuts not only changes the color but also improves the aroma and taste substantially. This is because of a chemical reaction between the amino acids and reducing sugars called the Maillard reaction.

Apart from the fresh, nutty flavor of peanuts, the level of seasoning was also gauged. 

4. Aroma

Do the nuts smell fresh or is there a strong oily aroma? 

5. Size

How big or small is the size of the peanuts? Does it impact the overall experience in any way?

6. Texture 

A well-roasted, well-packed bag of peanuts will always have an immaculate crunch. The one with the best crunch, without a dry mouthfeel, was our winner.

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Classic Salted Peanut Brands in India – Detailed Review

A table comparing the price and ratings for all the brands we tested to find the best classic salted peanut brands.


Brand Buy Now
Haldiram’s Add To Cart
Bikano Add To Cart
Jabsons Add To Cart
Tong Garden


1. Haldiram’s Classic Salted Peanuts Original – Mishry Top Pick

This is a mixed bag of halved and whole peanuts packed in a non-resealable purple-colored pouch.

Why did we like this brand? Haldiram’s salted peanuts are very fresh-tasting and well-roasted. They are just the right amount of crispy.

We also liked the balanced salt levels.

We tried six different flavors of Haldiram’s peanuts. Here is what you should try. 

haldirams classic salted peanuts original in a bowl
Fresh and crisp!
closer look at haldirams original peanuts in a bowl
A mix of halved and whole peanuts.


  • A 200-gram pack is priced at Rs 48/-.
  • The shelf life is 5 months.
  • Ingredients – Peanuts (89%), Edible veg oil (Palmolein), Iodized salt


  • The freshness and natural oiliness is retained.
  • We liked the balanced seasoning.
  • The crisp bite of the peanuts is appreciated. 

Best Suited For

As a bar snack, in your salad, or in a bowlful of sabudana khichdi, Haldiram’s Salted Peanuts are the best pick for you.

2. Bikano Classic Salted Peanuts

Bikano’s Classic Salted Peanuts did not win for several reasons. It lacks the crispness and tastes a bit bitter. The salt levels are meek and do not showcase until the very end, and by that time the peculiar flavor of these peanuts overpower the entire palette.  

bikano classic salted peanuts in a bowl
Unfortunately, these had an off-putting taste.
closer look at bikano classic salted peanuts in a bowl
These had a bitter taste.


  • A 200-gram pack is priced at Rs 55/-.
  • The shelf life is 6 months.
  • Ingredients – Peanuts (89%), Edible vegetable oil (Refined palmolein oil, Refined rice bran oil), Iodized salt, and Black salt.


  • Lack of crispiness.
  • The salt levels are underwhelming. 
  • These have a peculiar bitter taste which is off-putting.

3. Jabsons Roasted Classic Salted Peanuts

What didn’t work for Jabsons? The pack says it’s ‘lightly salted’, but our taste test indicated otherwise. The black salt can be tasted clearly which increases the overall salt levels further. Another factor that Jabsons failed to excel in was the crispness.

So what worked? The characteristic oiliness of peanuts is very much present without them being stale tasting. 

jabsons roasted peanuts classic salted in a bowl
Jabsons peanuts did not have a bold crunch.
closer look at jabsons roasted peanuts classic salted in a bowl
The salt felt overwhelming.


  • A 160-gram pack is priced at Rs 70/-.
  • The shelf life is 6 months.
  • Ingredients – Peanuts (95%), Refined cottonseed oil, Iodized salt (1%), Black salt (0.3%)
  • Original Bharuchi Peanuts used
  • No artificial color or flavor


  • We liked the taste of peanuts. They are fresh and retain their natural oils.


  • They lack a significant crunch.
  • We felt these were oversalted.

4. Tong Garden Freshly Roasted Salted Peanuts

Tong Garden, although more premium than the others, did not win during our taste test. It lacks the peanut oiliness which gives it a very dry, hard bite. Yes, it is super crunchy but isn’t tasty. The seasoning levels are low and the peanuts do not taste fresh. What worked was the peanut size and the crunch.

tong garden salted peanuts in a bowl
Contender number four!
closer look at tong garden salted peanuts in a bowl
Here's a closer look at Tong Garden peanuts.


  • Tong Garden’s 160-gram pack is priced at Rs 140/-.
  • The shelf life is 15 months. 
  • Product of Thailand.
  • Ingredients – Peanuts, Palm oil and Iodised salt, Packaging gas (Nitrogen E941)


  • The size of the peanuts is impressive. 


  • The seasoning is not up to the mark.
  • Peanuts lack freshness.
  • These have a dry, hard bite.

Why Is Haldiram’s Our Top Pick?

We chose Haldiram’s Salted Peanuts as our winner because…

The peanuts are well-roasted, fresh-tasting, crispy, and retain their natural oiliness when you bite into them. The seasoning levels are just perfect. 

All of these attributes collectively contributed to making Haldiram’s the winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on the Best classic salted peanut brands.

1. Is consuming salted peanuts good for health?

While peanuts are loaded with ‘good fats’, a pack of salted peanuts is not the best way to consume them for their nutritive benefits. It is best to consume packaged salted peanuts in moderation.

2. Can these be paired with tea or coffee?

Salted peanuts are best served as bar nibbles, but you can pair them with a cup of tea or coffee as well.

3. Do these salted peanuts contain additional flavor enhancers?

No. There are no additional, artificial flavor enhancers. All of them are seasoned with salt.

4. Do these peanuts contain preservatives?

No. None of the brands we reviewed contain any preservatives.

5. Which is the best brand of salted peanuts amongst these?

As per our review, Haldiram’s Salted Peanuts are the best tasting ones. They have an adequate crunch, taste fresh, and are well-seasoned.

To Conclude…

So which bag of salted peanuts should you buy? While some brands excelled in the texture department, and some in the taste section, it was Haldiram’s that took the cake. Our testing revealed Haldiram’s Salted Peanuts as a clear winner for its taste and texture.

Which is your favorite brand of peanuts for regular use? Let us know in the comment section below.

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