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top best chewing gum brands in india

Top 7 Best Chewing Gum In India [Sugar free and Teeth Whitening] (Apr 2024)

This article contains brands of best chewing gum in India, process, and chewing gum contents. Read on to know about chewing gum.

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Chewing gum has been a favorite product in our country for many years. From teenagers to athletes, you must have seen their fondness for chewing gums, especially for kids who smack chewing gums and pop in public. But if you are confused about finding Indian chewing gum brands, don’t worry; this article will cover every detail for you.

For many people, it is their secret weapon to keep garlic or bad breath at bay. Chewing gums come in various flavors and sizes. Many brands in India have experimented with the flavors. And they have been successful in catering to the taste of the Indian audience.

Summary Table: List Of Best Chewing Gum

With numerous brands available, here’s a rundown of top 7 chewing gum in India. Have a look!

Serial no. Product Name Buy Now On 
1.  Center Fresh Amazon
2. Boomer Bubble Gum Amazon | Flipkart
3. Big Babool Amazon
4. Happy Dent Amazon | Flipkart
5.  Wrigley’s Doublemint Amazon
6. Center Fruit Amazon
7. Trident Amazon | Flipkart

Top 7 brands of best chewing gum in India

Let’s check out the details for the chewing gum brands India:

1. Boomer chewing gum company (Pack of 2 jars INR 414/-)

A very popular brand and loved by all, this is often considered as best Indian chewing gum. For many, their childhood memory is associated with it. Both the flavor and color are natural. Boomer chewing gum is from the famous gum maker brand Wrigley’s.


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boomer chewing gum
Picture for reference-Amazon








Product Features:

  • Fruity strawberry flavor.
  • It has a colorful strip which has a long-lasting sweet and minty flavor.

2. Big babool gum (Pack of 3 INR 450)

Customers love this brand for its quality and flavor. It was launched in 1994 in India by Perfetti Van Melle.

big babol chewing gum
Picture for reference – Amazon









Product Features:

  • The brand provides a lot of flavors like fruit, strawberry, cola, and watermelon.
  • It is considered the best chewing gum in India.

3. Center Fresh (Jar INR 310)

This is a global brand. It was launched in 1994 by Perfetti Van Melle. It is unique because a chewing gum came into the Indian market filled with liquid for the first time. Centre fresh ad was the talk of the town due to its quirky ad and tagline- “Zuban pe lagaam lagaye”. It is one of the trusted brands in India and is loved by many people.

center fresh chewing gum

Product features: 

  • The chewing gum is filled with liquid.
  • The flavor is minty liquid.

4. Happydent (INR 42)

Perfetti Van Melle launched it. This brand is known for its funny ad campaigns.

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happy dent chewing gum
Picture for reference-Amazon








Product Features:

  • It is a whitener and gives a perfect cooling effect in your mouth.

5. Wrigley’s double mint (INR 50)

Wrigley is one of the oldest and famous brands. It is available across 140 countries in the world. This product takes care of your bad breath.

double mint image






Product Features:

  • It has a bold mint flavor.
  • It comes in a convenient packet that fits right into your pocket.

6. Centre fruit (Pack of 18 INR 75)

This was launched in India in 2005. Centre fruit ad is quite famous because of its well-recognized tagline- “Kaisi jeebh laplapayi”.


center fruit chewing gum
Picture for reference-Amazon










Product Features:

  • It is India’s first-ever liquid-filled and fruit-flavored gum.
  • Centre fruit comes in varieties of flavors like tutti-frutti, watermelon, strawberry, and mango.

7. Trident Cinnamon Sugar Free Gum (INR 995)

This gum has a cinnamon flavor and is long-lasting. It was launched in 1987.

trident cinnmaon gum


Product Features:

  • This is cinnamon flavored.
  • It is sugar free.

What are the sugar-free chewing gum brands?

Now, we know the benefits of sugar-free gum.  Let us see the top 3 sugar-free chewing gum brands in India offer.

1. Happydent (INR 42)

  • It is sugar free coated.
  • The bubble gum is filled with liquid.
  • It has a refreshing minty flavor for healthy teeth.
  • Happydent contains xylitol.
  • It is available in fruit colors and pocket friendly.

2. Trident gum India (14 sticks INR 149)

  • It is a vegetarian product.
  • Trident gum is sugar free chewing gum spearmint.
  • It is sugar free and tasty.

3. Orbit chewing gum India (Pack of 8 INR 400)

  • It hides your bad breath.
  • Orbit chewing gum is a sugar free gum treat.
  • It comes in resealable tubes which are easy to carry for car trips and other work.
  • This was about the best sugar free chewing gum in India.

The History Of Chewing Gum 

The history of chewing gum is quite interesting. The cultural tradition of chewing gum has come up from many early civilizations. Through an evolution process, the trace of chewing gum has developed.

Earlier, people chewed gum derived from the natural growths locally available to them. It did not provide nutritional benefits. But sometimes people used it to clean their teeth or to freshen up their breath.

  • Since the Neolithic period, many forms of chewing gum has existed. The gums were made with tar, and that had antiseptic and medicinal benefits.
  • The favorable properties of gum were first discovered by the Mayans and Aztecs.
  • People of ancient Greece chewed mastic gum, which was made from the mastic tree. The people used Mastic gum to maintain their oral health.
  • The United States first started the modernization and commercialization of chewing gum.

The modernization and commercialization of chewing gum was first started by the United States.

Modernization & Commercialization

The State of Maine Pure Spruce Gum was the first commercial chewing gum developed and sold by John B. Curtis in 1848. Kentucky pharmacist John Colgan in 1860, was the first person to make the flavored chewing gum.

In 1860, modern chewing gum was first developed by Thomas Adams. He used a chicle as a rubber substitute. Unfortunately, the chicle was unable to replace rubber, but it was used as a gum. Finally, in 1871 it was cut into strips and was sold as Adams New York chewing gum.

Chiclets dominated the market in 1899 and Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum. They became extremely popular. Synthetic gums replaced chicle and were used by the U.S. to make good chewing gum.

By the 1960s, U.S. manufacturers switched to synthetic rubber to make gums cheaper to manufacture.

In 1970, sugarless chew gum entered the market. Other types of gums like nicotine, liquid center gum, athlete’s gum have also debuted in 1970. The products were markets as gums that don’t stick to dental work and face. Recently, abrasives have been added to the chewing gum as it is good for health.

different types and flavored chewing gum
Different types and flavored Chewing gum

Qualities of chewing gum brands

Best gum has good flavors, makes excellent bubbles, is made with natural ingredients and most importantly tastes good. Not all Indian gum is made in the same way. They differ in quality and flavor.

Let us see some of the qualities chewing gums in India have-

mouth-freshener mints
Best Mouth-Freshner Mints

1. Breathe freshener

You might chew gum every time to freshen up your breath. And that’s alright as the gum industry in India affirms that gums are the solution for your bad breath. For breath-freshening, the ADA (American Dental Association) suggests chewing gums over mints. However, it’s your choice while selecting your favorite gum flavor.

On the other hand, many people consider mint and cinnamon are better breath fresheners. They are efficient, whereas citrus gums do not have that aroma to replace other smells.

2.  Hydrates your dry mouth

Nobody likes a dry mouth. It is not only uncomfortable but causes a lot of discomfort. Your teeth and gums succumb to cavities and infection if there is a dearth of saliva in your mouth. Due to medications, allergies, or not drinking a sufficient amount of water, your mouth can become dry.

The action of the best chewing gum stimulates salivary glands and hydrates your dry mouth. Even your body fights dry mouth with its natural defenses. Try to avoid those gums that have a different flavor and dry your mouth.

3. Fights cavities

Sugar free gums in India can fight cavities. If you are addicted to sugary gums, you must stop taking them as these cause sugary problems and cavities. Xylitol is used in gums, and that can deter cavities. It is not artificially manufactured but derived from natural resources.

Xylitol remineralizes teeth and helps to rebuild tooth enamel structure. The bacteria that cause cavities cannot metabolize xylitol instead, it causes the bacteria to starve to death. To reduce the cavity risk, it is recommended that you should chew sugar free gum for 20 minutes after eating.

Thus, chewing gum is a simple habit that can improve your oral health. If you choose the right gum, it will make the difference.

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What are the contents present in the best chewing gum in India?

Let us see what contents in the Indian chewing gum-

  1. Gum base
  2. Softeners
  3. Sweeteners
  4. Flavors

1. Gum base

  • It is derived from latex sap called chicle, and it is rubbery in nature.
  • To make the gum base, synthetic rubber is widely used.
  • Natural resin, food-grade agar, chiku, jhingan, khair are other natural sources used to make gum base.

2. Softeners

  • To make it appealing to the customers, this component is used to maintain the gum’s soft consistency.
  • It prevents the gum from hardening by retaining the moisture
  • Glycerin and vegetable oil are two common softeners used by gum brands in India.

3. Sweeteners

  • Sugar is the common sweetener, and sometimes corn syrup is also used.
  • Maltitol, Sucralose, Sorbitol, Saccharin Sodium, Xylitol, Aspartame (methyl ester), and Acesulfame potassium are the artificial sweeteners used to make the best chewing gum in India.

4. Flavors

  • This component adds a refreshing, long-lasting, and zingy taste to the gums.
  • It is added in the last, and some of the flavors are fruit and mint-flavored gums.

How is the best chewing gum in India processed?

Chewing gum in India is processed and manufactured the following way. This the standard procedure followed by the industry-

  1. Chicle is prepared
  2. If the gum base is natural, it is prepared first.
  3. It is harvested and processed by melting and purifying the gum base.
  4. To dry the gum base, it is placed in a warm room for two days.
  5. After that, it is sterilized and melted in a steam cooker.

1. Gum base is cooked and purified

At 243 degrees Fahrenheit, the gum base is cooked in kettles. It is cooked until the gum base melts into a thick syrup. Then, the substance is passed through a high-powered centrifuge to filter it. The unwanted dirt and bark are filtered through this process.

2. Additional ingredients are blended

Large steel blades are used to stir the additional ingredients. The gum base is now placed in the kettles, and fine powder sugar and syrup are added. After that, flavorings and softeners are added.

3. Kneading

Extruders are used to make the chewing gum rubbery and smooth. After that, it is chopped off and flattened by rollers. The gum is dusted with powdered sugar and prepared for cutting.

4. Cutting and seasoning

A cutting machine is used to cut the sheets in a rectangular pattern. To season or candy-coat the substance, it is set aside at the proper temperature and humidity.

5. Packaging

The gum sheets are packed carefully in aluminium foil or wax paper. They are put into plastic packs and sealed. Thus, this way chewing gum India is ready for you to enjoy.

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What are the benefits of sugar-free chewing gums in India?

In India, sugar-free gum brands are quite popular. The reasons are-

  • It does not have any sugar in it.
  • Sweeteners are added for the taste, and therefore the gum does not cause tooth decay.
  • Chewing sugar free gums can reduce the chance of acid attack caused by plaque bacteria after you have eaten your food.
  • It helps you to produce more saliva, which is the mouth’s natural defense against acid.
  • Saliva takes about an hour to replace the minerals that the enamel has lost.
  • After eating or drinking, chew sugar-free gum for 20 minutes as it helps to replace the minerals more quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top chewing gum brands in India – Center Fresh, Boomer, Wrigley’s and Happy Dent.

For overall health and dental health, sugar free chewing gums are better than sweetened gums. Trident is one of the best chewing gum brands when it comes to dental health as it has 0.17 mg of xylitol which protects teeth from damage.

Cricketers use India’s Big Fun chewing gums.

Moderate consumption once in a while is good for your dental health. Chewing gums every day may lead to jaw problems.

Some of the sugar free chewing gums you can try are:

  • Trident sugar free gum
  • PUR chewing gum
  • Orbit Sugar Free gum


Chewing gums are quite popular among customers for its different flavors and textures. Indian chewing gum brands have grown over the past years. In 2008 market share of gums increased by 20%.

A recent shift has occurred in the mindsets of humans from smoking to the non-smoking zone. A lot of customers have started chewing gums for that reason. Previously it was popular between teenagers and children, but now it is extremely popular among grownups.

Many companies are entering the market with their products. This article gives you the list of chewing gum brands India and a discussion on its history, contents, and manufacturing process.

Among the top 7 chewing gum in India, these are our top picks – Center Fresh, Boomer, Wrigley’s and Happy Dent.

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