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Best Biryani Pots For Cooking The Tastiest Biryani : Home-Cooked Biryani

A biryani pot is an essential cookware for easy preparation of biryani at home. Here’s our list of the best biryani pots for cooking the tastiest biryani.

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The aroma of a freshly cooked biryani is highly appetizing. If you are an ardent lover of biryani, you know how essential it is to add an authentic touch to homemade biryanis. For that perfect homemade and traditional biryani, the combination of the right cookware along with a delicious biryani masala is a must. 

Getting the appropriate biryani pot to your kitchen will help you prepare different types of biryani without any effort. Biryani pots will get you the perfect Dum style biryani at home.    

You will find several brands offering good-quality biryani pots online. To help you get hands on the best biryani pots in India, we have curated this article. Below we have discussed the different brands that you must consider buying. 

  1. Best Largest Capacity Biryani Pot- Impex Ceramic Biryani Pot
  2. Best Induction-Friendly Biryani Pot- Carote Non Stick Kadhai
  3. Best Biryani Pot with Lid- Pigeon by Stovekraft Biryani Pot
  4. Best Aluminium Biryani Pot- Cello Non-Stick Biryani Pot
  5. Best Biryani Pot for Small Families- SOWBHAGYA Biryani Pot

Summary Table: Best Biryani Pots in India

Both offline and online, you can easily find numerous options for biryani pots. Our list of the five best biryani pots is here to make your search easier.

Product Name Buy Now On Amazon Buy Now On Flipkart
Impex Biryani Pot Check price here Check price here
Carote Non Stick Kadhai Check price here
Pigeon by Stovekraft Biryani Pot Check price here
Cello Biryani Pot Check price here
SOWBHAGYA Biryani Pot Check price here Check price here

Top 5 Biryani Pots For Making Homemade Biryanis

1. Impex Biriyani Pot


Impex offers this stunning looking 8-liter biryani pot in Golden Orange color. It features a high-grade non-stick ceramic coating that is rust-free and comes with high durability. 

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Some other aspects of this biryani pot include – ergonomic Bakelite handles, heat resistant exterior paint, and strong stainless steel rivet. 

Why Is It Recommended?

  • Cleaning this biryani pot is hassle-free.
  • It enables residue free cooking and provides uniform heat distribution.
  • It is a premium quality product that is free from PFOA.

2. Carote Non Stick Biriyani Pot

Carote Biryani Pot

This non-stick biryani pot from Carote has an elegant looking granite finish. The superior Swiss non-stick coating is safe to use, highly durable and free from PFOA. 

The non-stick coating of this cookware requires minimum use of oil thereby promoting healthy cooking. It features a wide and flat base that enables fast and even heating. 

Why Is It Recommended?

  • Scratch-resistant and durable coating.
  • It is compatible to use on induction, halogen, gas and ceramic tops.
  • It results in even heat distribution and efficient heating.

3. Pigeon by Stovekraft Non-Stick Biriyani Pot

Pigeon by Stovekraft Biryani Pot

It is a 5.5 liter biryani pot from Pigeon that features a non-stick coating. Made using world class non-stick coating technology, the finish of this biryani pot is of superior quality. 

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It features a stainless steel lid and a base thickness of about 3 mm. 

Why Is It Recommended?

  • It features stay cool handles that provide a firm grip.
  • Has an extra thick base that reduces the chances of warping.
  • It is dishwasher friendly.

4. Cello Prima Non Stick Biryani Pot

Cello Non Stick Biryani Pot

Featuring a bright cherry color, this 5.5 liter biryani pot from Cello is made of pure grade aluminum. It features cool-touch handles made of heat-resistant material that provide the utmost comfort while handling the product. 

It comes with a tempered glass lid that is shatter-proof and includes a steam vent. The size of this biryani pot is compact and space-saving.  

Why Is It Recommended?

  • It results in fast cooking due to the even heat distribution.
  • It is a stylish and elegant looking biryani pot.
  • The glass lid provided is shatter-proof.

5. SOWBAGHYA Aluminum Biriyani Pot

Sowbhagya Biryani Pot

It is a 3-liter aluminum biryani pot that comes with a stainless steel lid. This biryani pot consumes less gas and requires less oil for cooking. 

The cleaning of this biryani pot is hassle free and requires minimum effort. The handles of this biryani pot are sturdy enough and provide a firm grip while using the product. 

Why Is It Recommended?

  • It consumes less gas.
  • It is free from PFOA and safe to use.
  • This pot is ideal for preparing biryani, boiling and frying.

Biryani Pots in India – What You Need To Know

When buying the right biryani pot there are different factors involved. These factors will help you decide on which type of biryani pot will work well for your kitchen and meet your expectations/requirements. Let’s decode these factors below: 

1. Packaging

Packaging plays an important role as it highlights how well the biryani pot is packed. Are the biryani pots and lid individually wrapped with a sheet?  Is the outer packaging properly sealed?

It also helps us ensure that the final product that we receive is in the best condition. 

2. Body Material

The body material is an essential factor to consider while buying the right biryani pot for your kitchen. Biryani pots are available in different materials including – non-stick, ceramic and hard-anodized. 

You will also come across aluminum and clay biryani pots. Every material comes with its own pros and cons. The choice of the right one will differ from person to person.  

3. Available Sizes

The ideal size of the biryani pot will depend upon how many members are there in your family. Biryani pots are available in different sizes ranging from 1 liter to 20 liters. 

4. Ease Of Cleansing

Buying any kitchen cookware is one aspect and maintaining it is another. The ease of cleaning will depend upon the kind of material that you choose. How easy is the cleaning of the pot? Does it require any effort? Can it be maintained over a long period? Is the cleaning process difficult? 

5. Price Range

The price range for the biryani pots ranges from INR 499 to INR 3999. The price depends upon the capacity of the biryani pot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Biryani Pots

1. Can these biryani pots be used on induction stoves?

Yes, from the above list of biryani pots, the Impex biryani pot and the Carote biryani pot are induction stove compatible. 

2. Is biryani pot easy to use?

All the above mentioned brands of biryani pots are easy and convenient to use. 

3. Are these pots dishwashers safe?

The Impex and the Pigeon biryani pots are dishwasher safe. 

4. How to select a biryani pot?

Selecting the right biryani pot depends upon different factors, including – the capacity, size, price and how easy it is to maintain it in the long run. 

5. Can other types of curries be cooked in these pots?

Yes, these are multipurpose cooking pots that can be used for frying, boiling and also for preparing curries.

Final Words

Biryani pots are essential cookware that you must have if you frequently prepare biryani at home. If you are having a hard time finding the right biryani pot for your kitchen, we have got you covered. 

Our list of recommended brands above is sure to help you find the right biryani pot. 

Which brand will you prefer from the above list? Drop in your comments below.

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