Winter Essentials - Beverages You Must Try During The Winter
must try winter beverages

Sippin’ & Lovin’ – Beverages You Must Try This Winter Season

8 beverages that you just can’t ignore during the winter season.

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Yes, in India, winters are about saag, gajjaks and gur. But they are also about some wonderful winter-centric beverages. Inspired from International and traditional menus, we bring a list of beverages to warm up your winters. 

This list includes a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

8 beverages that you will love during the winter

1. Hot Chocolate

Let me paint a picture for you. It’s almost Christmas. Your favorite movie is playing on TV. The fuzziest socks, a cosy corner and a mug of hot chocolate so decadent that you transport to choco-heaven.

Not only can you make this at home easily, we found the brand you should pick. After testing 7 brands of hot chocolate powder, we chose Country Bean and Tiggle as our Top Picks.

Did you know that hot chocolate was never intended to be sweet? Originally, this was bitter, made using chillies and served lukewarm.


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2. Mulled Wine

Best cooked on slow, the beauty about mulled wine is how warming and DELISH this is. Combine it with an orange liquor, slices of oranges, cloves, cinnamon and star anise – this smells heavenly. You can sweeten it with a sweetener of your choice – preferably something that is slightly neutral tasting.


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3. Kanji

Fermented and smells a little funny, but this is so good for your tummy! Kali gajar kanji needs no introduction in any desi household. Full of gut-friendly bacteria, this comes with a mustard kick. Lightly salted, best enjoyed on your rooftop while lazing around on a manji (iykyk).

4. Masala Rum

Take your bottles out, because it’s time for a fun rum-based drink. It’s easy to make and all you need are a few staple masalas from your kitchen. It needs some cola, rum and a teaspoon of chaat masala. If you don’t have chaat masala, add some black salt and bhuna zeera. Best served cold.

5. Kehwa

Light, refreshing and digestive. Kehwa or kahwas are a delicate blend of whole spices brewed with tea leaves and sweetened using sugar. The best part are the chopped almonds settled at the end of the cup.


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6. Kesar Haldi Doodh

Saffron and turmeric are both warming and help create a deliciously rich, sweet beverage that is enjoyed as a remedy for cold, and when you want to indulge after a meal. 

Want to make this even better? Add a spoonful of jaggery and chopped almonds and pistachios.


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7. Hot Toddy

When bonfires and grills come out, so does the recipe for hot toddy. A relatively light, non-sweet whiskey based drink that contains lemon, honey and warm water. Some like to add cinnamon or star anise to amp up the taste, but that’s absolutely your choice. 

8. Masala Chai

How can we ever dare to leave our classic, most-loved masala chai out of this list? Everyone has a different ‘masala’ recipe but almost always includes ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel and cloves. Some like it kadak, some milky, but alway piping hot with a side of some crunchy biskut.

To Conclude

Wrapping it up with some cozy, fuzzy feelings and  a whole lot of love.

Have you tried some of these winter beverages? If yes, which is the one you associate with winters in India? 

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