Best Bandhgala Brands in India
Best Bandhgala Brands in India 2024

Best Bandhgala Brands in India for Men

Bandhgala is the epitome of style when it comes to Indian menswear. Here is your guide to getting an elegant look with some of the best Bandhgala brands online.

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Jodhpuri jackets sometimes referred to as bandhgala jackets, are an essential component of traditional Indian attire. Fashion has adored these jackets for their ageless elegance and sophisticated appeal, making them transcend generations and geographical borders.

We cover all you need to know about men’s Bandhgala jackets in our extensive guide, including its construction, history, styling advice, and current fashions. Some of the best bandhgala brands in India are listed in this detailed guide.

What Are The Key Features Of Bandhgala?

The Bandhgala jacket is a sartorial masterpiece, meticulously crafted from luxurious fabrics like silk, brocade, velvet, or wool to suit any occasion and climate. Every stitch showcases impeccable tailoring and intricate detailing.

  • A Signature Look: The defining characteristic, the Mandarin collar, offers a subtle charm that pairs beautifully with various neckties. Its clean lines and minimalist appeal make it surprisingly versatile, transitioning seamlessly from formal events to more casual settings.
  • Distinctly Elegant: Unlike Western suit jackets, Bandhgalas traditionally feature a closed front with buttons running down the center. This adds a touch of formality perfect for dressier occasions.
  • Tailored to Perfection: Designed for a close, flattering fit, Bandhgalas highlight the wearer’s physique, exuding a refined and sophisticated vibe. Their structured silhouette caters to fashion-conscious individuals who appreciate a well-tailored look.
  • Exquisite Details: Many Bandhgalas boast beautiful embellishments like contrasting piping, handcrafted buttons, or intricate embroidery, further enhancing their visual appeal.
  • Lengthy Options: The length varies depending on design and occasion. Some fall just below the waist, while others reach the hips or thighs, offering greater styling flexibility.
  • A Versatile Statement: Regardless of length, a Bandhgala jacket is an investment in timeless style. It elevates any outfit, injecting sophistication and undeniable flair.

Styling A Bandhgala: Tips and Tricks

how to style a bandhgala

The Bandhgala jacket offers a timeless elegance that transcends trends. Here’s how to rock this versatile piece:

  • Classic Sophistication: For a formal affair, pair your Bandhgala with crisp white kurta-pajama or Jodhpuri trousers. Elevate the look with a contrasting pocket square and traditional footwear like mojaris or Jodhpuri juttis.
  • Modern Edge: Don’t be afraid to experiment!  A silk Bandhgala paired with contrasting, textured trousers creates a striking statement.  For a touch of luxury, opt for a velvet jacket.
  • Accessorize Wisely: The right accessories elevate your Bandhgala. Choose a statement brooch, elegant cufflinks, or a luxurious silk scarf to add personality.
  • Occasion Appropriate:  Consider the event. Rich fabrics and embellishments lend a regal air for weddings or formal events. Simpler styles are perfect for semi-formal gatherings or casual outings.
  • The Perfect Fit is Paramount: A well-tailored Bandhgala is key. Sleeves should end at your wrists, and the hem should fall impeccably. Seek a tailor’s expertise for a flawless fit.

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Modern Twists on a Classic: Best Bandhgala Brands

tips to select the correct bandhgala

The Bandhgala jacket is getting a refresh! Here’s how contemporary trends are revamping this timeless piece:

  • Bold & Patterned:  Forget plain!  Bold prints and intricate patterns are adding a striking and modern aesthetic to Bandhgalas. Designers are pushing boundaries, making them perfect for the fashion-forward man.
  • Slimmed Down Silhouette: Say goodbye to boxy cuts. Modern Bandhgalas feature a slimmer, more streamlined silhouette for a sharper look.
  • Fabric Innovation:  Linen, jacquard, and blended fabrics are joining the traditional silk and wool options. These lighter materials offer more versatility, especially for warmer climates.
  • Minimalist Elegance:  Move over, elaborate embellishments! Minimalist Bandhgalas are gaining popularity. They focus on clean lines and subtle details for a sophisticated and understated look.

Some Of The Best Bandhgala Brands In India (Budget Buy)

Some of the best brands of bandhgalas are:

1. Vastraa Fusion Bandhgala

vastra bandhgala

The fabric used in crafting this bandhgala is made of high-quality cotton that boasts a fine texture, ensuring a gentle feel for your skin. You can wear it for extended periods without any discomfort, thanks to its softness and breathability. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, this fabric suits both summer and winter. Its practicality is further enhanced by the three pockets designed to provide you with ample space to keep your essentials. 

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Available in 2 classic colors, grey and beige, this comes in a varied size range (S-4XL). The price range starts from Rs 999/-.

2. Uri and MacKenzie

uri and mackanzie bandhgala

Achieving a polished and well-put-together look is effortless with these expertly tailored garments and collars that feature reinforced stitching. Each piece is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure the highest quality. Whether you’re looking for a classic or modern look, these versatile pieces can be layered over any ensemble to elevate your style game. This is priced around Rs 1,400/- and is available in 5 sizes.

3. Favoroski Bandhgala

Favoroski bandhgala

This sleeveless design offers effortless elegance, pairing seamlessly with any shirt or outfit. Crafted from premium fabric, the Favoroski boasts exceptional durability and rich colors that stand the test of time. The minimalist design exudes sophistication without compromising on versatility, making it a perfect choice for both formal events and casual gatherings. This is priced at around Rs 1,199/-.

4. Raymond Bandhgala

raymond bandhgala

Make a powerful entrance at your next special occasion with this Raymond blue Bandhgala suit. The meticulously crafted garment boasts a luxurious blend of 80% terry and 20% rayon fabric, ensuring both exceptional comfort and a flattering fit. Impeccable tailoring shines through in every detail, from the precisely tailored collar to the intricate stitching on the buttons. Effortlessly achieve timeless elegance by pairing this statement piece with sleek black dress shoes. Turn heads with this classic piece at ₹6,159.

5. Manq Bandhgala (Ethnic)

manq bandhgala

Elevate your style with this impeccably tailored blazer. Crafted from high-quality fabric, it boasts a sophisticated button closure that exudes timeless elegance. This versatile piece transitions seamlessly from formal events to nights out, making it a must-have wardrobe staple. The slim-fit design flatters your silhouette, while the premium fabric offers both luxurious comfort and a polished look. Command attention wherever you go, be it a business meeting or a gathering with friends. Available in 4 pastel colors and 6 sizes, this blazer is the perfect way to stand out for ₹2,794.

5. Tahvo Bandhgala

tahvo bandhgala

Unleash your versatility with this Tahvo men’s blazer. This sleek and stylish design transitions flawlessly between formal and casual settings. Two side pockets with optional flaps offer functionality, while the unique breast pocket adds a touch of personality. Dress it up for formal occasions with a crisp shirt and oxfords, or create a relaxed yet polished look for a casual event by pairing it with a casual shirt, chinos, and loafers. This versatile blazer guarantees a sharp impression, no matter the setting. Available in black and 5 sizes for ₹2,194.

6. Wintage Bandhgala

wintage bandhgala

Command the room with this Wintage men’s velvet Bandhgala jacket. The premium velvet fabric on the front adds a striking luster, elevating any formal occasion. This statement piece sets itself apart with its luxurious feel and sophisticated sheen. Achieve a sharp and sophisticated look by pairing it with tailored trousers and a sleek dress shirt. Available in 8 colors and 7 sizes for ₹2,979, this Wintage jacket is a must-have for any formal event.


Here are some of the best bandhgala brands in India which are available online.

In the realm of Indian menswear, the Bandhgala jacket reigns supreme. Its meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering style have cemented its status as a fashion icon, transcending trends. This versatile piece effortlessly transitions from dressed-up elegance to a more relaxed sophistication. The Bandhgala jacket offers an unmatched level of refinement, making it a timeless staple in any discerning gentleman’s wardrobe.

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