Best and Worst Products We Reviewed in 2022
best and worst products

Best and Worst Products We Reviewed in 2022

Mishry reviewed hundreds of products this year across multiple categories. Here’s what’s worth your money and what’s not.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Mishry’s Best of the Best year-end list for 2022 is now live!

The list features the Top 50 of the BEST Products we reviewed this year. Not only did these products get high ratings, and hence our recommendation, most of them are now regular buys for Team Mishry. Yes, we really do live by our recommendations.

Who made it to the list? We first put together a larger list of every single product we reviewed this year AND that got a rating of 4 Mishrys and above. With the basic list in hand, we began narrowing our list further, keeping in mind factors such as innovation, USP, utility, and more! In this list of the Best Products of 2022, you will find a mix of known and discovery products.

Why is this list really the BEST of the BEST? The list of the Top 50 is created from the top performers across our reviews in 2022. So, first, these products were reviewed as part of our everyday content calendar. They were taken through our signature unbiased, unsponsored review process, where none of these samples were paid for by brands. Throughout the year we’ve been making these reviews live, across various categories. Come November, we started shortlisting the recommendations further. The eventual Top 50 is a list of standout products that are our must-try, must-have, top picks.

So here it is — our comprehensive list of the best and worst products of 2022. 

Some things we kept in mind, and you should too while going through this list.

1. This is a list of older and new products.

2. The list is reflective of the variety on Mishry — snacks, masalas, condiments, frozen foods, beverages, vegan, protein-rich, gluten-free – it’s all there!

3. If a product you love isn’t here – it’s possible for two reasons. 1. We reviewed it and it wasn’t a top recommendation. 2. We didn’t review it this year.

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List of Best Food Products

Our Top Picks, best rated products are covered in this segment. The products are not added in any hierarchical order. The best food products of 2022 are –

1. VS Mani & Co Filter Coffee Decoction

The aroma? A hit. The flavor? Classic. Preparation? Effortless. VS Mani & Co Filter Coffee decoction transports you to the South of India in just a sip. The complex but classic flavor worked perfectly. 

Mishry Rating – 4.5/5

vs mani and co filter coffee decoction

2. Urban Granny Rajma

Urban Granny’s Rajma are pre-soaked, pre-boiled, and ready to use. We absolutely loved the convenience attached to this product. The rajma are cooked to perfection and taste fresh. All you need to do is make an onion-tomato gravy as always.

Mishry Rating – 4.67/5

urban granny rajma

3. MiHeSo Overnight Oats

The perfect blend of taste and nutrition, MiHeSo Overnight Oats make for quick, convenient, travel-friendly snacks with a commendable macronutrient profile. PS- can be had hot or cold. 

Mishry Rating – 4.38/5


4. Orika Italian Seasoning

This seasoning holds the ability to elevate a simple dish like roasted vegetables or a boring sandwich. Orika’s Italian Seasoning deserves a place on our list because it is packed well in individual sachets, has an inviting aroma and flavor.

Mishry Ratings – 5/5

orika italian seasoning

5. Catch Shahi Garam Masala

Aromatic and flavorful, Catch Shahi Garam Masala packs in a lot of flavor in just a pinch. Be it a dry sabzi or a gravy-based dish, this well-priced masala works fairly well. 

Mishry Rating- 4/5


6. Go Desi Popz

These lollipops feature some nostalgic, remarkable, desi flavors like kacha aam and imli. Free of refined sugar and preservatives, these lollipops have a sticky, jelly-like texture.

Mishry Ratings – 4/5

go desi popz

7. Afters by Happy Jars

After by Happy Jars are available in multiple flavors and make for a delicious treat. It is sweetened with dates and contains nuts and berries. Two of these are without any added sugar (Nutty Cashew and Very Berry). We give these guilt-free dessert bites a thumbs up!

Mishry Rating – 4.5/5

happy jars dessert bites afters

8. Gits Khaman Dhokla

The mix by Gits is a convenient way to get consistent results without worrying about measurements and ratios. All you need is some water and oil to make the lightest, softest, airy khaman dhoklas at home. Don’t believe us? Read the entire review.

Mishry rating – 4.5/5

best of 2022 gits khaman dhokla

9. Wingreens Farms Smoked Tandoori Spice Mix

Wingreens Farms Smoked Tandoori Spice Mix is all you need if you plan on making tikkas at home. It eliminates the need to prepare an extensive marination. We loved it for the smoky, tandoori flavors. 

Mishry Rating -4.33/5

wingreens farms smoked tandoori spice mix

10. Daawat Biryani Kit

Fresh, authentic flavors, the floral aroma of long-grained Basmati rice, and a fuss-free preparation, Daawat Biryani Kits are beginner and budget-friendly options that do complete justic to the regional flavor profiles. 

Mishry Ratings – 4.5/5

daawat biryani kits

11. Sumeru Frozen Idli

Mishry recommends Sumeru Frozen Idli for the fresh taste, the fluffy texture, and the clean, additive-free ingredient list. Overall, this is super convenient, from preparation to serving. The coriander chutney is included. 

Mishry Ratings – 4.33/5

sumeru frozen idli

12. Yu Foodlabs Oats Bowl

We reviewed Yu Foodlabs Oats Bowls across parameters like flavor, texture, nutrition, and convenience. All three variants fared beautifully. Moreover, we like the sweet and savory flavor profiles offered. 

Mishry Ratings – 5/5

yu foodlabs oats bowls

13. Sundrop Peanut Butter And Jelly

The OG breakfast spread, Sundrop PB and J is an innovative product with a delicious taste and effortless spreadability. For a fun snack, a weekend breakfast, or as a topping over oatmeal, we relished this delightfully. 

Mishry Ratings – 4.67/5

sundrop peanut butter jelly

14. The Better Flour

Going gluten-free? We’d recommend The Better Flour. The rotis were easy to prepare, had the goodness of beetroot, and the ingredient list was quite clean.

Mishry Ratings- 4.17/5

the better flour

15. Tisow Assam Select Tea

Tisow’s Assam Select Tea is super refreshing. Featuring robust flavors and an enticing aroma, this is a beautiful single-estate CTC tea. We appreciate the thoughtful packaging.

Mishry Rating -4.67/5

tissow assam select tea

16.ITC Master Chef Vegetable Biryani Paste

A beginner-friendly biryani paste that eliminates the need to collect and meticulously measure masalas. We loved the biryani paste by ITC Master Chef for the pleasantly fresh home-style flavors, ease of use and a nearly perfected recipe provided at the back. 

Mishry Ratings – 4.5/5

itc biryani cooking paste

17. Country Bean’s Dalgona Spread

What if we told you that you can now eat your coffee? You can, thanks to this wonderful coffee spread by Country Bean. The spreadability is superb and the rich coffee flavor is commendable. On a toast, as is or on a dessert board – this would be perfect.

Mishry Ratings – 4/5

country bean dalgona coffee spread

18. Foodstrong Sprouted Moong Chilla mix 

Here’s how you can relish a nutritious meal without compromising on taste. Foodstrong’s Sprouted Moong Chilla mix is made with gluten-free flours like sprouted moong, jowar, and rice. With 22 grams of protein in a 150-gram pack, Mishry had a positive experience with this.

Mishry Rating- 5/5

foodstrong sprouted moong chilla mix

19. Eat Better Co Coffee Almond Laddoos

We loved the clean ingredient list, balanced sweetness and the combination of coffee, cacao and coconut. The coffee almond laddoos by Eat Better Co have a fudgy bite and taste fresh. 

Mishry Ratings – 4.67/5

eat better co coffee almond ladoo

20. Britannia Biscafe

What if you could nibble on your coffee? With Britannia BisCafe you can. These thin, crisp crackers are coffee-flavored and sprinkled with sugar crystals. Balanced sweetness, prominent coffee flavor – we loved this.

Mishry Rating- 4/5

britannia biscafe

21. Nourish Organics Banana Oats Bar

Made with nutrient dense ingredients, this chewy bar by Nourish Organics became a loved product at the HQ. The clean nutri-label, flavor and texture are all noteworthy.

Mishry Ratings – 4.33/5

nourish organics oats banana bar

22. Prasuma Baos

Bored of the same old deep fried snacks? Prasuma’s Baos are worth a try. We tried and loved all three variants – Veg pizza, Chicken BBQ and Chocolate. The soft, pillory buns and the well-seasoned/sweetened fillings are delish.

Mishry Rating – 4/5

prasuma bao buns

23. Coolberg Non Alcoholic Beer

These ‘near beers’ are malt-based beverages that are crisp with just the right amount of sweetness. The natural flavors, appearance and mouthfeel were exceptional. Safe to say, non alcoholic beer isn’t just for teetotalers now.

Mishry Ratings – 4/5

coolberg non alcoholic beverage

24. Open Secret Unjunked Chocolate Bars

Chocolate just got healthier! Open Secret’s Unjunked Chocolate Bars are sweetened with jaggery and prepared with other natural ingredients like milk solids, cocoa butter, and powder. We liked how fresh these tasted.

Mishry Ratings – 4/5

open secret unjunked chocolate bars

25. Aazol Soft Coconut Chikki

Aazol Soft Coconut Chikki is made with just two ingredients. The combination of coconut and liquid jaggery (kaakvi) makes for a winter wonder. These chikkis tasted fresh and were packed really well. Nothing to dislike.

Mishry Ratings – 5/5

aazol coconut chikki

26. Beyond Snack Banana Chips

Hands down one of the best snacks we’ve had this year, Beyond Snack Banana Chips were fresh, thin, and oh-so crisp. These are offered in four flavors- Original, Sour Cream, Salt and Pepper, and Peri Peri. Each flavor was fresh and prominent.

Mishry Ratings – 4/5

beyond snack banana chips

27. Eastern Sambhar Masala

After testing 10 brands in our review lab, we found a flavorful, balanced and just THE best sambar masala. Eastern’s Sambar Masala is our Top Pick and has a wonderful hing and curry leaf flavor. Moreover, this has commendable potency.

Mishry Ratings – 4.5/5

eastern sambhar powder

28. Slurrp Farm Millet Noodles

Slurrp Farm Millet Noodles not only offer a better ingredient list, but are easy to make, have a commendable texture and taste delicious as well. These are a great way to introduce millets to younger ones.

Mishry Ratings – 4.25/5

slurrp farm millet noodles

29. Bevzilla Coffee Cubes

How instant can instant coffee get? Pop a cube and voila! Bevzilla’s coffee cubes are to become a coffee lover’s newest obsession. Sweetened with date palm jaggery, we tried the Belgian Chocolate variant and quite liked it.

Mishry Ratings – 4/5

bevzilla coffee cubes

30. Wicked Gud Instant Noodles

We gave these instant noodles by Wicked Gud a thumbs up for the ingredients it uses, the non-sticky texture and delicious seasoning. We liked Schezwan over the Masala variant.

Mishry Ratings – 4.17/5

wicked gud instant noodles

31. Amul Mashed Potatoes

Fresh taste, creamy, starchy texture- Amul’s Mashed Potatoes offer the headstart to potato-based snacks and dishes like mashed potatoes, tikki, cutlets, paratha, pav bhaji, and vadas too! Add you need to do is add warm water and VOILA! No boiling, peeling and mashing required.

Mishry Ratings – 4.33/5

amul instant mashed potato

32. Haldiram Spinach Pakora

If you’re lowkey done with potato and paneer-based snacks, we’d recommend Haldiram Spinach Pakora for your next house party. These are convenient, flavorful, crisp, fresh, and well-seasoned.

Mishry Ratings – 4.67/5

haldiram spinach pakora

33. Evolve Ragi Chips

Clean ingredients? Check. Delicious? Check. Crunchy? Check. Evolve’s Ragi Chips are additive and a must-try.

Mishry Ratings – 4/5

evolve ragi chips

34. Lil Goodness Prebiotic Shake

Lil’ Goodness Prebiotic Shakes are a healthier alternative to the sugar-loaded packaged milkshakes. Not only are these tasty, but also offer over 7 grams of protein and 40% less sugar per bottle. The prebiotics help promote good gut bacteria. Depending on your preference, you can choose between vanilla and chocolate.

Mishry Ratings – 4/5

lil goodness probiotic shake

35. Nutrabay Plant Protein

Premium quality vegan protein, a fairly decadent chocolate flavor, we tried Nutrabay Plant Protein in their Rich chocolate and Gourmet Chocolate variants. These mix in water quite easily and yield and even consistency.

Mishry Ratings – 4.5/5

nutrabay plant protein

36. Himachilli Red Chilli Chukh

Himachilli Red Chilli Chukh is a traditional Himachali dip and marinade that is fiery, hot, and smokey. It’s versatile and can be used for various recipes or eaten with everyday dishes like parathas, dal-chawal, and even sandwiches. It’s HOT!

Mishry Rating – 4.5/5

himachilli red chilli chukh

37. Two Brothers A2 Cow Ghee

Want to switch to A2 cow ghee? We’d recommend Two Brothers Organic A2 Cow Ghee. Right from packaging to taste and aroma, this feels premium.

Mishry Ratings – 4/5

two brothers a2 ghee

38. Imagine Meats Plant-Based Nuggets

Tastes like chicken, feels like chicken, but it ISN’T chicken! These plant-based ‘chicken’ nuggets by Imagine Meats could be a game changer in your newly adopted journey to vegetarianism. These nuggets are chunky, surprisingly juice and have a crunchy outer covering.

Mishry Ratings – 4/5

imagine meats nuggets plant based

39. Veeba Thousand Island Dressing + Spread

Veeba was chosen as the Top Pick during our quest to find the tastiest Thousand Island Sauce in India. We tested it using three methods – as a spread, a dressing and a dip. This was the only contender that was able to balance between zesty, tart, and sweet flavor profiles. Moreover, the spreadability is commendable.

Mishry Rating – 4/5

veeba thousand island dressing

40. Native Food Store Millet Noodles

Looking to switch to healthier alternatives? Want to incorporate millets in your diet? Native Food Store’s Millet Noodles have a clean ingredient list and come with a delicious tastemaker. These are extremely easy to prepare and you can build flavors as per your preference as well. Definitely a much loved and relished product of 2022.

Mishry Rating – 4.5/5

native food store millet noodles mishry

41. JhaJi Mithila Special Mango Pickle

We loved JhaJi Mithila Special Mango Pickle as much as the Sharks on Shark Tank India did. This is a DELICIOUS achaar with thick, large cuts of mangoes that have been sundried. Not only this tastes homestyle, but the ingredient list is free of preservatives and other nasties as well.

Mishry Rating – 4.5/5

Jhaji mango pickle mishry

42. Boombay Chilli Oil

Made using 5 Indian chillies, this chilli oil was voted the spiciest, most delicious one amongst all the contenders we tested. Boombay’s vibrant red color and the crisp texture of the chillies were swoon worthy.

Mishry Rating – 4.5/5

boombay chilli oil best of 2022

43. Monkey Bar

Your search for a guilt-free snack under 200 calories ends here. We loved that these vegan bars have a clean ingredient list, are free of preservatives and refined sugar. Of all the five flavors we tested, we couldn’t pick a favorite.

Mishry Rating – 4.3/5

monkey bar best of 2022

44. Hot Chocolate

Our quest to find the tastiest hot chocolate powder led to two discoveries – Country Bean and Tiggle. While Country Bean’s Hot Chocolate tastes darker, Tiggle is sweeter and meant for younger audiences. We loved both equally and highly recommend them for the festive season.

Mishry Rating – 4.5/5

best products hot chocolate

List of Best Kitchen Appliances and Cookware

These kitchen tools and appliances were some of the best ones this year.

45. Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder

Short on space? Looking for an all-in-one kitchen appliance? Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder is the answer. Juices, shakes, dry spices, purees, chutneys- this comes with four jars and offers three speed settings for all your culinary needs.

Mishry Ratings – 4.17/5

butterfly jet elite mixer grinder

46. Havells Duro-s Hand Blender

Be it a soup, blending veggies, or preparing a milkshake, Havells Duro hand blender is equipped with a comfortable grip and sharp blades that get the job done efficiently. Amongst all the blenders we tested, this one generated the least amount of noise.

Mishry Ratings – 4.75/5

havells duro hand blender

47. Coffeeza Coffee Machine

Compact and elegant- this coffee machine is the ideal espresso maker for home and small offices. This is an efficient kitchen appliance we’d recommend for coffee lovers.

Mishry Ratings – 4/5

coffeeza coffee machine

48. Indus Valley Cast Iron Tawa 

Indus Valley Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Tawa landed in Mishry’s list of best products 2022 because it isn’t just easy to use, clean, and maintain, but delivers consistent results. 

Mishry Ratings – 4.33/5

indus valley tawa

49. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Suited for beginners and pros alike, Lodge cast iron skillet can be used over a gas and electric cooktop, and also in an oven. The construction and material are commendable. 

Mishry Ratings – 4/5

lodge cast iron skillet

50. Vinod Non-Stick Dosa Tawa 

Other than being gas and induction-friendly, Vinod Dosa Tawa is a lightweight, sleek cookware that was comfortable to use and clean. It can be availed in a variety of diameters. 

Mishry Ratings – 4.5/5

vinod dosa tawa

List of Worst Food Products

Why are these products categorized as the worst food products of 2022?

  • The product is not value for money.
  • The product does not fulfil its purpose or claims made.
  • If there are better options available in the same category.
  • Fails to perform on the set parameters.
  • Ultimately, this would lead to a low rating. Which is why any product that scored under 2 Mishrys (out of 5) made it to the list.

Some products that fared poorly during our reviews include –

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on best and worst products of 2022.

Yes. All of the above mentioned products have been tried and tested by Mishry.

A clean ingredient list, brand transparency and quality produce is always appreciated. We value innovation as well. 

The parameters we set change depending on the product we are reviewing. For example – a pack of chips is rated on factors like crunch and flavor, while a masala would be gauged on aroma and flavor. 

Depending on the category the product belongs to combined with the claims made by the brand, and other basic factors like price, packaging, ingredients, nutri-label, taste, texture are some of the main parameters. If a product is unable to perform well on the set parameters, it gets rated low on the Mishry scale. 


And that’s a wrap for 2022!

Our comprehensive list can help you search for pantry staples, new products, appliances, quirky tools and more to help you make a better buying decision.

Have you tried any products from our best of 2022 list yet?  Tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

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