Benefits Of Pineapple: Here's Simply Why You Must Add This Tropical Fruit To Your Fruit Bowl

Benefits Of Pineapple: Here’s Simply Why You Must Add This Tropical Fruit To Your Fruit Bowl

Pineapples are fruits that are suitable for people of all ages. They are not only excellent sources of great taste and flavor, but also good health. Read on to know the many benefits of this tropical fruit.

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All fruits and vegetables are nature’s gift to humans. They come with impressive health benefits that not many people are aware of. The pineapple is one such tropical fruit that is loved by millions of people across the globe, but not many know the benefits that this fruit carries with it. Though it has its origins in South America, it is currently available all over the world in different sizes.

Did you know that this tropical delight was named pineapple because of its striking resemblance to a pine cone? This fruit is so tasty that it is not only consumed as it is but also cooked to create exotic desserts and curries.

For those of you who aren’t well-informed about this fruit, here is a list of the benefits of pineapple that you should be aware of. With this knowledge at the backdrop, you can now appreciate this fruit better than before!

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Benefits Of Pineapple You Should Know

1. Packed with a host of nutrients

Pineapples are considered to be highly healthy and nutritious because it is loaded with a large number of nutrients. One cup of freshly cut pineapple (about 165 grams) gives you the following benefits:

  • 131% of your daily recommended level of Vitamin C
  • 76% of your daily recommended level of manganese
  • Around 10% of your daily recommended levels of Copper, Thiamine, Vitamin B6, Folate, Potassium, Magnesium, Niacin, Riboflavin, Iron and Panthothenic Acid

Though a cup of pineapple contains only 82 calories, it contains around 22 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams each of fats and fiber. Thanks to the presence of so many nutrients in it, it proves to be a wholesome meal for you.

2. Rich in antioxidants that help build immunity

The flavonoids and phenolic acids found in pineapples help your body to combat various kinds of illnesses by providing lasting immunity.  Since they prevent the free radicals and oxidative stress from damaging your cell membranes, pineapples make you less prone to various chronic diseases, inflammations, and injuries.

One of the best ingredients to boost your immunity is Vitamin C. Pineapples are loaded with Vitamin C; therefore, when you eat them regularly, you will notice a visible improvement in your immune system. A study was conducted among school kids to find out the relationship between pineapples and immunity. Around 98 kids participated in the study and they were divided into 3 groups. The first group wasn’t given any pineapples throughout the 9 weeks of the study. The second group was given 140grams of pineapple daily while the third group was given 280grams of pineapple daily for 9 weeks.

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At the end of the 9th week, the results showed that the kids in the second and third group showed more immunity to viral infections than the kids in the first group. Also, the kids in the third group (who were given lots of pineapples daily) had 4 times more white blood corpuscles in their body than the others. White blood cells are the ones that fight against diseases and keep you healthy.

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sliced pineapples
Pineapples are loaded with Vitamin C; therefore, when you eat them regularly, you will notice an improvement in your immune system.

3. Helps boost digestion

Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple, not only boosts immunity but eases digestion as well. They help in breaking down the proteins properly, helping the intestines to absorb them better than before.

If you have been diagnosed with pancreatic insufficiency, a condition where your pancreas cannot secrete the digestive enzymes needed by your body, you can take a bromelain supplement to witness positive results.

4. May make you less prone to cancer

Cancers are caused by cell damage and inflammation of the cells. More often than not, cell damage is caused by oxidative stress and free radicals. Pineapples help to control this damage because they contain powerful antioxidants that help fight against oxidative stress.

A few test-tube studies were conducted to understand if pineapple had the capacity to control the growth of cancerous cells. The studies proved that the bromelain group of enzymes found in pineapple controlled the growth of breast cancer cells, skin cancer cells, gastric cancer cells and colon cancer cells. Though human studies have not proved this yet, the role of pineapples in making you less risky to cancers cannot be ruled out.

5. Reduces the pain from bone-degeneration ailments like arthritis

Bromelain, the group of enzymes found in pineapple, has been scientifically proved to control all types of inflammation and boost immunity. Bone-degeneration diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis, which often attacks you in your old age, are results of bone inflammation. For many decades, bromelain has been the go-to treatment for arthritis patients, because it helps to relieve the acute pain in the joints and bones.

Two groups of osteoarthritis patients were included in a study conducted to prove this fact. The first group of patients was given a bromelain supplement to get rid of their pain, while the second group was given the usual arthritis medications such as diclofenac. The results of the study revealed that both groups of patients experienced the same amount of pain relief. This means bromelain has as much potential and efficiency as a pure arthritis medicine to relieve the acute pain in the bones.

6. Quickens the recovery process

Foods that contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties are the best when you need to recover from a surgery or a high-intensity workout. Pineapples, with their ability to suppress inflammation of all types, are the best bet to quicken your recovery process. This fruit contains a group of enzymes known as bromelain, which can be taken as a supplement to reduce the swelling, pain, bruises and other aspects needed for your quick recovery.

Studies had proved that when patients were given a bromelain supplement before their dental surgery, they felt less pain during the surgery and recovered quickly. Also, when people were given a bromelain supplement 45 minutes after a rigorous workout at the treadmill, they recovered quickly and their muscle tissues healed rapidly.

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fruit platter
Pineapples diminish the pain from bone-degeneration ailments like arthritis

7. Excellent flexibility

Pineapples are not only excellent sources of good health but also sources of great taste and flavor. You can never get tired of eating pineapples every day because there are too many dishes that you can cook with it.

You can get as creative as you want to make your dishes exotic and healthy at the same. They can be used in salads, curries, burgers, hams, desserts, smoothies and more! If you aren’t a lover of pineapples, try the fruit in different dishes like these to enjoy the health benefits that they have to offer.


If you are looking for a good source of immunity food for your kids to keep them safe from bacterial & viral infections, swelling & inflammations and other types of diseases, you have to start feeding them pineapples right away. Giving pineapples to children right from a young age makes their bones strong and their immune system healthy. If they detest eating the fruits as a whole, you can make smoothies and desserts from pineapples, which they will begin to love, eventually.

Pineapples are fruits that are suitable for people of all ages. During your old age, when you experience pain in your joints and bones, eat a bowl of pineapple or a bromelain supplement to get rid of the pain and inflammations. These don’t have any side effects and is a 100% natural tip to live your life pain-free. Don’t take these immunity-boosters for granted and include them in your regular meals, right away!

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