Benefits Of A Kitchen Chimney Without An Exhaust Pipe
benefits of ductless kitchen chimney

Benefits Of A Kitchen Chimney Without An Exhaust Pipe

This article has a detailed discussion about Kitchen chimney without an exhaust pipe. It also points out all the benefits of installing a ductless chimney to your kitchen and how they keep our kitchen hygienic.

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The kitchen is an integral part of our house. Food is the driving force of life, and we make food in our organized kitchens. So, we must keep our kitchens healthy and clean. With time and technological advancements, modular kitchens have been introduced. They have become bliss to us. Modular kitchens are so updated and advanced that we enjoy cooking, and everything becomes more straightforward and smoother. Kitchen chimneys are an essential part of every modular kitchen. They keep the kitchen free from any steam, gas, fume, or odor.

Now, we have different chimney types, and one of them is a chimney without duct or chimney without exhaust pipe. This makes the chimney installation process more comfortable and hassle-free.


How does a ductless chimney work?

Wondering about how the chimney works?

Kitchen chimneys soak-up all the lousy smoke, odor from our kitchen and send them outside through kitchen chimney exhaust pipe. But sometimes, exhausting the air outside is not possible due to flexibility and limited space. In these cases, we can use ductless chimneys. These chimneys use a charcoal filter to purify the air. They are also called as carbon filters. The filter sucks bad smell, gas, oil, and dust. They also remove grease, fume, and other impure particles and release fresh air in the kitchen. The carbon filters need to be cleaned periodically and replaced if needed.

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What are the benefits of using ductless kitchen chimney?

Fume, gas, and heat are produced while we cook. All these make the kitchen environment very suffocating and exhausting. Hence, we want to complete the cooking and get out of the kitchen as soon as possible. But cooking should be a fun and exciting activity. With all these things in mind, modular kitchens come with many advanced appliances, like mixer and grinder, microwave, and kitchen chimneys.

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Sometimes people are unable to install chimneys because of the shortage of place for the duct pipe. But no worries! Now we can go for a ductless chimney, i.e., a chimney without duct. It is a kitchen chimney without an exhaust pipe.

There are several benefits of a chimney without exhaust pipe, some of which are mentioned below:

1. Removes the heat

When we cook different dishes, heat is released from the flame and cooking. Chimneys are placed just above the kitchen stove, so they soak up the heat and release fresh air. This balances the temperature of our kitchen.

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2. Comfortable cooking

Most of us like cooking with different spices. They produce intense aromas. This can make us sneeze, and after some time, our eyes start watering. All this can make cooking very difficult for us. Chimneys absorb all these strong aromas and make the atmosphere bearable for us.

chimney installed in the modern kitchen
Chimneys are placed just above the kitchen stove, so they soak up the heat and release fresh air

3. Great air cleaners

Modular kitchens support a healthy cooking environment. Kitchen chimneys soak up all the toxins, pollutants, dust, germs, smoke, carbon, oil, heave gases, and grease. They also transform the poor quality air into the fresh air and circulate it throughout the kitchen.

4. Protect our kitchen tiles

Oil, grease, and dust stick to our kitchen wall and make it dirty. Thus, the kitchen wall becomes spotty, sticky, and dark with time. All these can ruin the look of your beautiful, fancy kitchen. Chimneys absorb all impurities and protect your kitchen slabs and tiles. Selecting the right ductless kitchen chimney can give us dust and smoke-free cooking experience.

5. Removes unpleasant smell

The strong suction ability of chimneys removes any strong unwanted smell that is produced during cooking. Bad smell of raw vegetables or other ingredients can make it very difficult for us to stay in the kitchen for a long time. Other members of the family also get disturbed by unpleasant cooking smells. So, kitchen chimneys are essential for odor-free cooking.

6. Aesthetically pleasing

Designer chimneys enhance the look of our kitchen. Some also have lights on them. So these chimneys make our kitchen fresher and brighter. They come in different shapes and colors. We can pick one that matches our kitchen décor. A kitchen with chimney also increases the value of a house.

faber kitchen chimney
Designer chimneys enhance the look of our kitchen

7. Easy installation

The kitchen chimney without exhaust pipe is easier to install. You do not need any extra spacing to fit the chimney pipe. Cleaning chimney is also easy and simple.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to buy a ductless chimney? Still in doubt whether to buy it? Here we answered the most asked FAQs about the kitchen chimney without an exhaust pipe.

Ductless chimneys are well suited for Indian kitchens. They make the environment for cooking clean and hygienic. They absorb strong and intense aromas, making the kitchen smell better. These chimneys can soak up all the toxins, pollutants, dust, oil, germs, and grease. They protect our kitchen tiles from being dirty. Ductless chimneys are easy to clean and install.

The ductless chimney has a prominent feature – auto clean. This auto clean technology cleans the filter and inside of the chimney efficiently. It collects all the dirt and grime in a cup which can be removed and cleaned.

Yes, chimneys can be installed without ducts. Ducting is not compulsory, but a ductless chimney needs more power to operate. A ducted chimney collects the smoke and releases that smoke outdoors instantly while ductless sucks up all the smoke through a filter before blowing it back into the kitchen.

Final Words

Cooking is a relaxing activity that all must enjoy. Thus, we can enjoy a fresh and airy kitchen environment with ductless kitchen chimneys and cook great dishes. The kitchen chimney without duct (or an exhaust pipe or ductless chimney) benefits in keeping the kitchen environment clean and hygiene. They look good in the modern kitchen. Thus, without pipe chimneys are best suited for a closed and compact space.

Let us know in the comment section which chimney you have installed and why.

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