Basil Seeds Benefits: Interesting Reasons To Eat Sabja Seeds Daily
basil seeds benefits_ interesting reasons to eat sabja seeds daily

Basil Seeds Benefits: Interesting Reasons To Eat Sabja Seeds Daily

Basil seeds have been used in Ayurveda and Chinese medicines for thousands of years. That explains the immense health benefits that are associated with these seeds. Did you know that one tablespoon of basil seeds contains 7 grams of fiber, which is almost 25% of your daily recommended dose!

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Basil seeds, also known as sweet basil seeds, Sabja seeds or Tukmaria seeds, are small in size but massive in terms of their health benefits. These black seeds belong to the Ocimum Basilicum plant, which is the type of plant where the leaves are used for flavoring and seasoning the dishes. Though they are loaded with essential nutrients, they are not as popular as chia seeds.

This is because not many people know about the health benefits of basil seeds. They can be used in different dishes and can be used raw or soaked, based on the purpose of usage. For many years, basil seeds have been used in medicinal treatments in the Ayurveda and Chinese methods.

Here is a look at some of the important benefits of basil seeds.

After reading this, we will not be surprised if you start including these seeds in your regular meal plan.


1. Excellent Source of Fiber

If you are looking for a simple and effective food item that is loaded with dietary fibers, basil seeds are a great choice for you. These seeds are packed with a soluble fiber called pectin. One tablespoon of basil seeds contains 7 grams of fiber, which is almost 25% of your daily recommended dose!

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What does pectin do to your body? Here are all its benefits:

Keeps your digestive system healthy – One of the best health benefits of basil seeds is that it contains pectin, a fiber that improves your gut health and promotes the growth of good bacteria in it. This prebiotic property of basil seeds ensures that your gut is free from any type of inflammation.

Makes you stay full for a long time – Pectin slows down the digestion process and delays the emptying process of the stomach. As a result, it makes you stay full for a long time. Eventually, it brings down your appetite as well and you will notice a visible reduction in the quantity of your food intake.

Helps to regulate blood sugar levels – Thanks to its excellent content of fiber, basil seeds have the potential to keep blood sugar levels under control. In a study, a group of Type 2 diabetics was asked to eat 10 grams of basil seeds after every meal for a month. At the end of 1 month, when their blood sugar levels were checked, they reported a 17% decrease in their post-meal sugar range.

Keeps cholesterol levels under check – The soluble fiber of pectin helps to lower the LDL cholesterol and improve the HDL cholesterol range by controlling the cholesterol absorbed by your gut. When people ate about 30 grams of basil seeds daily for a month, their blood reports showed an 8% decrease in their cholesterol at the end of the month.

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One tablespoon of basil seeds contains 7 grams of fiber, which is almost 25% of your daily recommended dose!

2. Good Source of Plant Compounds

Basil seeds are rich sources of flavonoids and polyphenols. These plant compounds are antioxidants that prevent your skin from cell damage caused by oxidative stress and free radicals, because of their anti-inflammatory properties. It is exactly because of this reason that they are believed to reduce your risk to certain types of cancers.

Test-tube studies have shown that basil seeds are successful in suppressing the bacteria that promote the growth of cancer-producing cells. Though further research is needed in this aspect, the anti-inflammatory properties of basil seeds are enough to make them a part of your regular diet.

3. Provides Your Daily Dose of Omega-3 Fats

One tablespoon of basil seeds contains about 2.5 grams of fat. Out of these 2.5 grams, 1.2 grams belong to ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), a type of omega-3 fat. The daily recommended dosage of omega-3 fats for women and men is 1.1 grams and 1.6 grams respectively. Therefore, women can get their entire quota of omega-3 fat for one day, with just one tablespoon of basil seeds.

Omega-3 fats are known to keep you energized throughout the day and reduce your risk to serious ailments such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiac ailments, and strokes. Therefore, it is advisable for you to include basil seeds in your regular meals.

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4. Can Help in Weight Loss

Though there are no studies or scientific tests to prove this fact, the omega-3 fats and high-fiber content in basil seeds are believed to keep your stomach full for a long time. When your appetite comes down naturally, you will notice a visible improvement in your weight-loss routine, as you begin to exercise portion control naturally.

Men and women who consumed basil seeds regularly have witnessed a drastic reduction in their weight. It is very easy to eat basil seeds. You could soak the seeds in water for about 15 minutes so that they become big like a jelly. Sprinkle these on top of salads or mix it with a cup of yogurt to include it in your daily meals to see a visible reduction of fat in your belly area.

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5. Sabja Seeds to Beat the Heat

During summers, when the sun is scorching hot, you will experience heat burns. Your body heat increases internally which can result in issues like skin rashes, difficulty to urinate, boils, irritability and the likes. If you have tried refreshing drinks such as lemonade and not found the desirable results, you can try basil seeds.

They are naturally refreshing and make you feel instantly cool from within. All you need to do is to soak a few basil seeds in water for ten minutes and then add it to lemon juice, milkshakes, tender coconut or any other drink of your choice to get the desired results. You can also make a drink using only basil seeds, honey, and coconut milk to beat the heat and feel refreshed throughout the sweltering summer season.

6. Good For Skin And Hair

Grind a few unsoaked basil seeds and mix it in a few spoons of coconut oil. Now, warm the mixture slightly before you apply on the affected areas of the skin. When you do this at home remedy regularly, you can get rid of skin irritations, rashes, eczema, and psoriasis. You can also apply this mixture on your scalp and leave it on for about half an hour before you wash off. Since basil seeds are good sources of iron, they help in the growth of your hair follicles to make it strong and healthy.

How to use Sabja Seeds:

Soak a few basil seeds in water for about 15 minutes and eat them regularly to notice a visible improvement in your skin texture. The antioxidants in basil seeds help the collagen-producing potential of your skin, thereby making it tight, young and vibrant.

Points to Note About Sabja Seeds

Basil seeds are known to contain some traces of Vitamin K, which helps in the blood clotting process. Therefore, you need to stay away from these seeds if you are on any blood-thinning medication. Also, due to the high-fiber content of basil seeds, you may experience issues such as bloating and indigestion initially, when you include basil seeds regularly in your diet. To combat this problem, you have to start off with a few seeds first and gradually increase the quantity to make your gut comfortable with the basil seeds.


Basil seeds have been used in Ayurveda and Chinese medicines for thousands of years. That explains the immense health benefits that are associated with these seeds. Let us all embrace basil seeds with all our hearts and give it the recognition that it duly deserves today.

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