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ananda flavoured milk

Have You Tried Ananda’s Cappuccino Flavored Milk? (2024)

Ananda Flavored Milk has a homestyle consistency with a mild flavor of coffee. More details in the review.

Mishry Rating

3 / 5
3.5 / 5


Ananda Flavored Milk Cappuccino is a refreshing beverage with rounded flavors of coffee and sugar, but the latter being more prominent than the former.

Someone rightly said, ‘coffee isn’t just a beverage, it’s an emotion.’ And for certain summer afternoons, when milkshakes can’t seem to hit the mark, a tall glass of chilled iced coffee saves the day.

Chilled sips of caffeine, oh la la! Isn’t this what heaven feels like? But when you’re out and about and can’t brew your own cup, a RTE product is the way to go. Recalling our experience, here’s our Ananda Flavored Milk review.

Is this worth a try?

All crucial details are covered here.

Ananda Flavored Cappuccino Milk Product Details
Price Rs 40/-
Net Quantity 180 ml
Main Ingredients
  • Standardized milk
  • Sugar
  • Coffee (0.3%)
Mishry Rating 3.25

Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? We are looking for a coffee flavored beverage with a fresh, milky consistency and balanced sweetness.

Taste and consistency were the key review-forming parameters here. We also noted the ingredients, packaging, price, and shelf life.

1. Flavor

The flavor and intensity of coffee, the balance of sugar, freshness of milk and more are covered under this parameter. 

2. Consistency 

Is this flavored milk thick like a milkshake or resembles a homestyle cold coffee. How was the mouthfeel – smooth, creamy or watery?

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3. Other Non-Tasting Parameters

Under this parameter, we recorded factors like the price, packaging, the ingredients used, and the shelf life.

Ananda Flavoured Cappuccino Milk – Detailed Review

Price + Packaging 

This flavored milk is packed in a tin can. It holds 180 ml of the beverage and is priced at ₹40/- The shelf life is of nine months.

Main Ingredients 

Sterilized standardized milk, Milk solids, Sugar, Coffee (0.3%), Stabilisers (INS407, INS407a), Flavors (Nature identical flavoring substances (Cappuccino)), Colors (INS102, INS127, INS133) go in the making of this beverage.

ananda flavoured milk packing
This comes in a coffee-colored can.

Aroma + Appearance 

Ananda flavored milk resembled homemade cold coffee, in terms of its hue. It was a subtle coffee brown, and looked milky. As for aroma, it was predominantly sweet with underlying notes of coffee.

Flavor + Consistency 

Full cream milk has a rich, thick consistency. And so was the consistency of this flavored milk. It had a smooth, creamy mouthfeel, we quite liked it. It was just like coffee made at home, based on the consistency. There were no inconsistencies. All in all, this made for a refreshing beverage.

This tasted fresh, milky, and creamy. The sweetness was mildly on the higher side but not unbearable. The flavor of coffee was present but not really pronounced. 

ananda flavoured milk appearance
Smooth mouthfeel with a mild coffee flavor.
Taste- 3/5
Consistency- 3.5/5
  • Decently priced and packed
  • Fresh taste
  • Rich consistency
  • One can has 16 grams of sugar
  • Flavor of coffee is mild

Ananda Cappuccino can make for a refreshing beverage for individuals that prefer lighter coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Ananda flavoured milk.

Yes, this is quite sweet. The sweetness is stronger than the flavor of coffee.

Yes, this is made with real milk. It contains sterilized milk and milk solids.

It can be had hot or cold, but chilled consumption is better.

Immediate consumption is recommended, but do not leave it open for more than a few hours, as it contains milk and stands the risk of going bad.

Final Words

Ananda Cappuccino was quite refreshing! The sweetness was balanced but more pronounced than the flavor of coffee. This had a rich, milky consistency we liked.

Black or with milk and sugar, how do you like your coffee?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.


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