Amul Safed Makkhan Review - Tasty & Creamy Milk Goodness
amul safed makhan review

Amul Safed Makkhan Review – Tasty & Creamy Milk Goodness

The Amul Safed Makkhan resembles homemade white unsalted butter. From parathas to toasted bread, we tried the Amul Safed in our test kitchen for over two weeks. Here’s what we think.

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Amul Safed Makhan has a good spreadability at room temperature. It is very creamy and has a nice homemade texture to it. Overall, it is a really good butter you can try on your breads and parathas.

India’s most loved and amongst the most trusted dairy brands in India – Amul has added a new butter variant to its pre-existing range. The Amul Safed Makkhan is the newest addition to the long list of Amul products that line up dozens of shelves in any supermarket. 

With Amul Safed Makkhan, Amul has yet again launched a product that comes with loads of nostalgia. Safed makkhan, or unsalted white butter is something made in millions of Indian kitchens using curd. The result is translucent white butter, which is smooth and creamy as only homemade butter can be. 

We ordered the 100-gram mono-carton of this white butter by Amul to our test kitchen. For our Amul Safed Makkhan review, we compared the butter we ordered to a portion of homemade unsalted white butter. Along with taste and aroma, we tested the Amul Safed Makkhan for its creaminess over a dozen items.

Did the Amul Safed Makkhan live up to our expectations? Or do we prefer our homemade white butter? Scroll down to find the answer!

amul safed makkhan

Amul Safed Makkhan has the classic milky taste. Unlike salted yellow butter, this white butter has a subtle flavor.

MRP: Rs. 47*

Net Weight: 100 gm

*Price at the time of review

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Our major parameters for the Amul Safed Makkhan review were creaminess and spreadability along with taste, aroma, color, and the convenience it offers. 

When the Amul Safed Makkhan was compared to homemade unsalted white butter, we found that there were no major differences in the color and aroma. 

Though the Amul Safed Makkhan had a milky creaminess that white butter traditionally has, it was slightly lower in comparison to the homemade variant. 

To know how Team Mishry tested this newest Amul product, read our Amul Safed Makkhan review. 

a slice of amul safed makkhan

1. Taste

Amul Safed Makkhan has the classic milky taste. Unlike salted yellow butter, this white butter has a subtle flavor. 

We spread a generous dollop of the Amul Safed Makkhan over jowar rotis and toasted bread. In addition to this, we also made the Slurrp Farm pancakes using the Amul Safed butter. 

Not only was the taste enhanced, but we couldn’t stop ourselves from relishing this creamy goodness. 

2. Quality

The Amul Safed Makkhan is as close as it gets to homemade white butter. Visually, the Amul Safed butter looked similar to what one would make at home. 

The aroma from our homemade white butter and Amul Safed Makhhan were very close too. This comes packed in the standard Amul packaging. 

3. Texture

The spreadability of chocolate spreads, cheese spreads, and even butter heavily depends on the temperature in that region and how it is being stored. In addition to this, applying butter over something warm as compared to adding butter straight to the pan also affects the spreadability.

We kept our mono carton of the Amul Safed Makkhan at room temperature and noticed it spread well. 

When compared to the homemade white butter, we noticed the creaminess wasn’t as intense in the Amul Safed Makkhan. 

4. Color

As the name suggests, white butter has the same color. Our homemade safed makkhan and Amul Safed Makkhan had minor differences in shade. 

Naturally, butter has a pale yellow color. The depth of yellow can vary from a very mild one that almost looks off-white to a deeper shade of yellow based on additional ingredients or how cows have been grazed.

5. Price

The 100 gram mono carton of Amul Safed Makkhan is priced at Rs 47/-.  Most 100-gram butter packets from Amul are priced in the same range.

In our opinion, the Amul Safed Makkhan is a convenient and budget-friendly option. 

6. Shelf Life

You are recommended to store this butter under refrigeration. It has a shelf life of six months from the date of packaging. 

amul safed makkhan

7.  Nutrition Facts

The nutritional value of Amul Safed Makkhan per 100 grams are-

740 kcals, 82 grams of fat, 0 grams of carbohydrates, 0.06 grams of protein, and 666 mcg of vitamin A with no added sugar. 

8. Available Sizes

The Amul Safed Makkhan is an unsalted butter variant by the brand.

It is available in a 100 grams mono carton as well as 200 and 500 gram packs.

The Amul Safed Makkhan 100 grams pack is priced at Rs 47/-.

Parameters Amul Safed Makkhan
Price Rs 47/- for 100 grams
Ingredients White butter made using cultured cream
Quantity 100 grams
Nutrition Facts Per serving- 1 tbsp (14 grams)

11 grams of fat

0 grams of carbohydrates

0 grams of protein

Colour Off-white, very similar to homemade unsalted white butter
Aroma Almost like white butter churned at home
Usage Can be used on parathas, rotis, and toasted bread.

Can be added to dal or sabji.

Can also be used for cooking.

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Amul Safed Butter Review – Decoding This Milky Goodness

The color and aroma are very close to homemade white butter, though the creaminess is slightly lower. 

That being said, the Amul Safed Makkhan is in one word convenient! 

Adding the ‘granny’s touch’ to your homemade parathas has never been easier. It has a delectable milky creaminess and a rich aroma.

Did you know? White butter may be full of fats, but it actually helps with weight loss! Here’s how-

White butter is loaded with lecithin. Lecithin is a major component used in fat-burning supplements. Moderate consumption of white butter helps in burning fat over time, when combined with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, of course. 

amul safed butter


  • The Amul Safed Makkhan is an economical option.
  • From paratha to toasted bread, this butter tastes equally delicious with everything. 
  • This white butter has good spreadability with a subtle flavor.
  • The creaminess is characterized by classic milkiness/butteriness. 


  • The Amul Safed Makkhan has the same taste, aroma, and color as homemade white butter.
  • This packaged white butter can be used for everyday meals.
  • It is a convenient option that offers palate-coating creaminess. 


  • The Amul Safed Makkhan is slightly less creamy as compared to the homemade variant. 

Best Suited For

The Amul Safed Makkhan is a very convenient alternative to homemade white butter.

If you are someone who doesn’t know the entire process or simply doesn’t want to go through it, we recommend you get your hands on this. 

Instead of churning butter at home and doing the dishes later (it’s a challenge we have experienced first hand), the Amul Safed Makkhan offers an equally delectable taste with a milky creaminess. 

Similarly, it can be added to everyday meals and can also be heated up to make some aromatic ghee!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on amul safed makkhan

1. Where can I buy Amul Safed Makkhan?

Online from ecommerce websites like Amazon or Big Basket.

2. How to store Amul Safed Makkhan? 

It is best stored under refrigeration.

3. Is Amul Safed Makkhan unsalted?

Yes, like regular white butter, Amul Safed Makkhan is unsalted.

4. What are the ingredients used in Amul Safed Makkhan?

Cultured cream is used to make this butter. 

5. Is Amul Safed Makkhan available in larger packs?

Yes, the Amul Safed Makkhan is available in a 100 gram, 200 gram, and 500 gram pack. 

Final Words

Voila! Here is our utterly butterly authentic review. We tested the Amul Safed Makkhan for over two weeks in our test kitchen.

Not only did we spread it over rotis and toasted bread, we even used it to prepare some lip-smacking pancakes. And lip-smacking they were!

The flavor got four Mishrys from the team. 

Safe to say, we liked this Amul product and we recommend it for those who love the safed makkhan taste and creaminess but think of the churning process as a hassle. 

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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