Amul Rusk Review – We Tried 3 Variants (Elaichi, Jeera & Milk)
amul rusk review

Amul Rusk Review – We Tried 3 Variants (Elaichi, Jeera & Milk)

Mishry reviewed three Amul Rusk variants and is now spoilt for choice. Can you guess our favorite?

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
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Amul surpassed our expectations, yet again! Fresh, flavorful, and crisp- Amul Rusk is going to be the everyday accompaniment to our cup of chai for a long time.

Chai! A kickstart to the day for some, a headache reliever for others, sometimes a garma garam cup of chai is all you need. But if there’s one way to take this heavenly experience a notch higher, it’s chai when paired with the right snacks.

Rusk is easily one of our favorite chai partners (in addition to charcha) Typically, this twice-baked bread is sweetened. And when we came across a savory variant from one of India’s most-loved brands, we knew it had to be reviewed. Amul offers three variants in its range of rusks- Milk, Jeera, and Elaichi. For our Amul Rusk review, we ordered a pack of each, and here’s how we savored them. 

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Amul Rusk – Everything You Need To Know

amul rusk reviewed variants
Here are the three variants we reviewed.

Everything you need to know about Amul rusk has been discussed here. 

1. Available Variants

Amul Rusk is offered in three flavor variants. There is Milk, Jeera, and Elaichi. 

2. Available Sizes

75 and 200-gram packs are offered. 

3. Price Range

A 200-gram pack is priced at Rs 30.

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4. Shelf Life

All variants of Amul Rusk have a shelf life of four months. 

Amul Rusk – Our Review Factors

In addition to reviewing these tea-time snacks on taste and freshness, our Mishry Secret Sauce revealed some interesting finds. 

1. Packaging

The biscuits are packed in poly film wrappers. 

2. Taste

Two of the three variants are flavored with aromatic spices like jeera and elaichi. How prominent are the flavors of these ingredients?

What about the Milk rusk? Does it showcase the characteristic milky taste?

Finally, what would they pair well with? Masala chai or coffee or both?

3. Texture

Since rusk biscuits are dunked in a warm beverage and consumed, the initial crisp texture holds large significance. 

The results of our Mishry Secret Sauce (where we dip the rusk in tea for exactly three seconds) were…

4. Appearance

The baked brown appearance for all three variants was unique. While Elaichi was quite light, Jeera and Milk had a bolder brown surface. 

5. Nutritional Information

Jeera and Milk variants offer around 300 Kcal per 100 grams, whereas Elaichi provides 420 Kcal.

The macronutrient breakdown is mentioned below.

Amul Rusk Variants – Detailed Review

Amul Rusk Milk Jeera Elaichi
Price Rs 30 Rs 30 Rs 30
Quantity 200 grams  200 grams  200 grams 
Nutrition Carbohydrates- 49 grams

Fat- 8 grams

Protein- 6 grams 

Carbohydrates- 46 grams

Fat- 9 grams

Protein-7 grams

Carbohydrates- 81 grams

Fat-6.7 grams

Protein-8 grams


1. Milk

Texture- 4/5
Taste- 3/5

Featuring a rich-looking, deep brown appearance, visually, we could tell these rusk biscuits were baked well. 

A delightfully sweet, milky aroma was observed. Before dunking a piece, we tasted it straight out of the pack to check the original flavor, crunch, and freshness. These had a pronounced crunch with a fresh, milky taste. That said, this ‘milky’ flavor wasn’t as intense as other brands of milk rusks we have tasted earlier. 

When Amul Milk Rusk was tasted with a cup of warm milk, the experience was heavenly! We liked the subtle sweetness these crisp rusks had. 

amul milk rusk on a tray
Overview of the Milk variant.
closer look at amul milk rusk on a tray
A closer look at Amul Milk rusk.
amul milk rusk texture
Pre-dunk stage.


  • A 200-gram pack is priced at Rs 30.
  • It has a shelf life of four months.
  • Main Ingredients- Refined Wheat Flour, Sugar Margarine, Yeast, Milk Solids, Invert Syrup, Vegetable Oil (Palmolein Oil), Iodized Salt, Gluten Powder, Permitted Class II Preservatives (E 282), Improver, Permitted Emulsifiers (E-476)

Contains added flavor. (Artificial flavoring substance- golden syrup)


  • Fresh and crisp, we loved the texture.
  • The balanced sweetness would make it a good pair with several warm beverages.


  • The ‘milkiness’ was on the lower side. 

Best Suited For

This is a rusk that completely soaks up the flavors of your beverage. If you are looking for something similar, we recommend trying this. 

2. Jeera

Texture- 4/5
Taste- 3/5

Just like Milk, the aroma of this variant too justifies the flavor tag. But one aspect that gave Amul rusks an edge over other brands was the visible cumin seeds. Thumbs up for using whole jeera.

This rusk variant showcased an intense flavor of roasted cumin seeds. Earthy and warm, these rusks taste savory rather than sweet. But the ‘earthy’ flavor of cumin sits quite well with that of rusk. Similarly, we found the crispness to be bang-on!

A kadak adrak chai is what we recommend trying this with.

amul jeera rusk on a tray
Almost identical size and shape has been maintained.
closer look at amul jeera rusk on a tray
Well-baked and perfectly browned.
amul jeera rusk texture


  • All features are the same as above.
  • Main Ingredients- Refined Wheat Flour, Sugar, Margarine, Yeast, Milk Solids, Invert Syrup, Vegetable Oil (Palmolein Oil), Iodized Salt, Cumin Seeds, Gluten Powder, Permitted Class II Preservative (E282), Improver, Permitted Emulsifier (E476)


  • Full marks on the visual aspect! 
  • These rusks were fresh and crisp.
  • Savory and sweet flavor profiles were well balanced.
  • The cumin flavor shone through bright!

Best Suited For

Love nibbling on savory snacks with your chai? Would you like these cumin-flavored rusks?

3. Elaichi

Texture- 4/5
Taste- 3/5

Our Team loves elaichi chai, and naturally, we were excited to taste these elaichi-flavored rusks. Compared to the Milk rusks, these were relatively lower on the crunch. But they still had a crisp bite. 

Cardamom naturally lends a sweetness to whatever it is added to. Tea, cakes, biscuits, kheers or rusks. Taste-wise, these were sweeter compared to the above variants. On average, the cardamom flavor felt subtle. Just like Jeera, this variant too had bits of cardamom. There was a burst of fresh flavors when the cardamom was bit into. We loved the lingering flavor that cardamom lent. 

Thumbs up for this appropriate addition of the flavoring agent! 

amul elaichi rusk on a tray
These have a lighter appearance.
closer look at amul elaichi rusk on a tray
Overview of the Elaichi variant.
amul elaichi rusk texture
Up close and personal with the Elaichi rusk.


  • All features are the same as above.
  • Main Ingredients- Refined Wheat Flour, Sugar, Margarine, Yeast, Milk Solids, Invert Syrup, Vegetable Oil (Palmolien Oil), Iodized Salt, Cardamom Seeds, Permitted Class II Preservatives (E282), Improver {(Soya Flour, Corn Starch, INS 170(i), Antioxidant (INS 300) and Fungal Amylase (INS 1100)}, Permitted Emulsifier (E476) Contains added flavor (nature-identical flavors substance – cardamom)


  • In addition to being desirably sweet, this showcased a lingering flavor of cardamom.
  • Well-baked and crisp- the texture was remarkable. 
  • A detailed ingredient list (like the one here) is appreciated. 

Best Suited For

This ingredient lending herbal warmth may be uninvited in a serving of biryani, but with desserts and snacks like rusk, we say ‘Yes, please!’. If that’s how you feel, you must try this variant. 

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Without a doubt, Amul Rusk in Elaichi was the one we relished the most. The sudden burst of elaichi seeds, the balanced sweetness, the freshness, and the crunch all collectively made this our Top Pick.

That said, if you’re on the hunt for something savory and prefer the warm flavors of cumin seeds, you should try that. Similarly, if you’re looking for subtle flavors, try Amul Milk Rusk. 

Final Words

We love our mini tea breaks even more now, thanks to Amul Rusk. Taste, texture, flavors- no major complaints on any of these aspects. Our Top Pick- Elaichi has become a pantry staple in our home kitchens too.

What’s the perfect tea time snack? Share your thoughts below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Amul rusk.

1. What are the main ingredients used in Amul rusk?

The common ingredients across all three variants include Refined Wheat Flour (Maida), Sugar, Bakery Margarine, Yeast, and Milk Solids.

2. Can this rusk biscuit be paired with tea or coffee?

Yes. Additionally, you can pair them with warm milk too. 

3. Are these rusks healthy to consume?

We advise limiting the consumption of packaged foods. 

4. Are these rusk vegan?

No, these contain dairy products like milk solids.

5. Do these biscuits contain preservatives?

Yes, they contain preservative INS 282. 

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