Amul Happy Treats Review – Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets
Amul Happy Treats Paneer Nuggets

Amul Happy Treats Review – Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets

These Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets will steal the spotlight at your next party. The Amul Happy Treats are packed with flavor.

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The Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets can be a delicious addition to a vegetarian menu. These Masala Paneer Nuggets are well seasoned, with a crunchy exterior and a soft, fresh paneer filling. Amul Happy Treats brought a big smile on our faces and in our tummies!

We all love paneer. But do you know what’s better than paneer? Paneer cutlets! India’s largest cooperative dairy, Amul, has brought yet another fun addition to its range of frozen foods. The Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets are a ready-to-cook snack option that comes in handy when guests arrive unannounced, or you get random fast-food cravings at 3 AM. Team Mishry bought a pack of Amul Happy Treats Paneer Masala Nuggets to test them for their taste and texture. Is the paneer to batter ratio balanced? Is the paneer fresh and soft? What about the chutney inside? This quick review of Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets is the answer to all your questions!

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Quick Review

amul happy treats masala paneer nuggets

Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets have a crispy exterior and soft paneer inside. 

Price – Rs 160/-*

Net weight – 300 grams

Pieces (approx) – 15

*Price at the time of review

*As per information on the pack

  • Made using Amul products.
  • Best before 24 months from manufacture.
  • Thawing is not required. Cook frozen.

Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets: Paneer (68%), Onion, Bread crumbs, Curd, Mixed Spices and Condiments, Green Chilli, Refined Wheat Flour, Salt, White Pepper, Black Pepper, Water.

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Sauce (Chutney): Coriander Leaves, Mint Leaves, Green Chilli, Corn Oil, Salt, Cumin. 

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Quick Review Of Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets

Price and packaging – Amul Happy Treats are packaged well. These Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets come in a resealable plastic bag. Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets come with a premade green chutney. A 300 gram pack of this frozen food contains approximately 15 pieces and is priced at Rs 160/-.

Contents of the pack - Amul masala paneer nuggets and the chutney.

Appearance – We could see the Amul Happy Treats were triangular in shape. The Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets have a thick orange-colored covering.

Pre cooking stage

How we made it – We followed the instructions given on the back of the pack. These masala nuggets can be cooked using the deep frying method. Like most frozen food snacks, Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets were not required to be thawed. We pre-heated the oil in a wok and added the paneer nuggets one by one. After 3-4 minutes, when we noticed the nuggets looked crisp and had an identical golden color, we took them out on a plate. We deep-fried them using regular vegetable oil.

Texture – The very first bite of the Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets, and we could tell instantly that these Happy Treats will disappear in the blink of an eye! The outer cover had a pronounced crunch, thanks to the bread crumbs used. The crumbled paneer center felt very fresh, and it wasn’t too crumbly or hard. It has the perfect malai-like paneer one would find at the local dairy.

Post cooking stage

Taste – We expected paneer, we got paneer! The balance between the paneer and the batter was spot on. In these Amul Happy Treats, we could taste tiny bits of onions along with paneer. This added an extra crunch! The mixed spices and condiments used in the Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets added an exceptional flavor. The paneer nuggets were not too spicy or too bland; they were well seasoned. The paneer used in these Amul Happy Treats tasted very fresh.

Amul Happy Treats Review - Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets

The vegetarian section of the frozen food aisle is flooded with potato based snacks, but we seldom come across a paneer based ready-to-cook snack. So on that aspect, this was definitely a nice change. For comparison, we can say the Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets tasted a lot like homemade paneer cutlets. The same goes for the mint chutney that comes with the pack. The coriander and mint added a refreshing flavor to the masala paneer nuggets. Amul Happy Treats are a great flavorful snack option to go with your evening tea or can be served as a starter during parties. However, these frozen paneer nuggets may not be enjoyed by kids as much as the green chili can get a bit too much for them. 

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