Amul Chocolate Cookies Review - Crunchy & Crispy Chocolatey

Amul Chocolate Cookies Review – Crunchy, Crispy & Chocolatey

The Amul Chocolate Cookies are made using Amul Butter and Amul Chocolate. These cookies have a nice bite to them and are available in a variety of flavors.

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Amul chocolate cookies have an intense chocolate flavor that is unmissable. The chocolate bits in the cookies offer a nice bite. The only problem we feel is the texture is slightly crumbly.

Anand Milk Union Limited, commonly known as Amul, is the largest and most loved cooperative dairy brand in India. Based in Anand, Gujarat, Amul was established in 1946 by Mr. Verghese Kurien. 

The Father of the White Revolution, Mr. Kurien established Amul to help rural farmers market their dairy produce. Gradually, Amul started expanding its base by manufacturing and distributing butter, cheese, and other dairy products.

Today, we can see Amul frozen snacks, Amul beverages, and not to forget Amul chocolates – the list of Amul products continues to grow every day! 

Recently, Amul came up with chocolate cookies that are made using Amul butter and Amul chocolate. It feels like a childhood dream come true, doesn’t it?

We ordered a box of the Amul chocolate chip cookies from an e-commerce store. Was this a nostalgic experience in a bite, or did things not live up to Amul products’ high standards? Let’s find out!

Amul chocolate cookies have a clean ingredient list, and are loaded with flavor. You cannot miss the intense chocolate flavor with big chunks of chocolate chips.

MRP: Rs. 65*

Net Weight: 200 grams

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*Price at the time of review

The Amul Chocolate Chip Cookies have a clean ingredient list. Made using Amul butter and Amul chocolate, we were curious to know whether the Amul Chocolate Cookies have a chewy and gooey texture or a crispy bite to them?

The Amul Chocolate Chip Cookies are available in a 50 gram as well as 200-gram pack. We ordered the 200-gm box of Amul Chocolate Cookies from Big Basket, and here’s what we think.

1. Ingredients 

The Amul Chocolate Chip Cookies are made using refined wheat flour, sugar, butter, chocolate chips, cocoa solids, milk solids, and liquid glucose. This ingredient list matches that of a double chocolate cookie.

2. Taste

First things first, the sweetness is spot-on! It is not too overpowering to cover the chocolatey taste, nor too mild where we could not taste the cocoa. 

Amul struck an outstanding balance between sweet and chocolatey flavors!

The fact that these Amul Chocolate Cookies are not thin and flat could also point to the fact that too much sugar has not been used in the cookie dough. Seasoned bakers will tell you that when you end up using too much sugar, the resultant cookies could be flat and dense. 

3. Bite/Mouth Feel

There is a wide range of textures in which cookies are available. While some prefer softer cookies with a fudge-like texture, others like cookies with a crunch to them.

The Amul Chocolate Chip cookies are crunchy with softer bites the chocolate chips offer. We loved the range of textures we could feel in a single bite. 

4. Flavor

The Amul Chocolate Chip cookies are flavor loaded! The use of Amul butter to these cookies adds a rich flavor. 

We could specifically taste this buttery smoothness around the cookie edges. 

In addition to this, the cookies have an intense chocolate flavor. We think this is because the cocoa powder has been added along with the chocolate chips. 

The ingredient list says plain chocolate chips have been used. Our experience of eating these cookies further told us that pretty big chunks of Amul chocolate have been used in the cookie dough. 

5. Texture & Color

To simply put it, the Amul Chocolate Chip cookies are- buttery, crunchy, chocolatey! In addition to this, the cookies aren’t dense, and they feel very light and airy. 

That being said, these cookies are ever so slightly crumbly. 

The use of cocoa solids adds a rich brown color to the cookies, which adds to the overall visual appeal. The chocolate chips/chunks are a darker shade of brown that doesn’t just add to the textures but also the overall look. There was a powdery coating on some pieces. 

6. Price

The 200-gm box of Amul Chocolate Cookies is priced at Rs 65/- You get 20 pieces of the Amul Chocolate Chip cookies packed in a plastic tray. 

Chocolate-flavored cookies with chocolate chips are typically available in a higher price range. Looking at the list of ingredients where in-house ingredients are used, we think the Amul Chocolate Chip Cookies are decently priced. 

These are also available in a smaller 50-gram pack priced at Rs 15/-.

7. Density

Made using 22% Amul butter, you’d think the Amul Chocolate Cookies are dense and hard. 

However, these chocolate chip cookies have a light and airy texture. 

These aren’t like the chewy cookies that are characterized by a fudge-like texture. 

The Amul Chocolate Chip Cookies are crunchy but not hard. They have a nice bite to them. 

The creaminess from the chocolate chips and the overall airy texture of the cookies pairs beautifully. 

8. Shelf Life

The Amul Chocolate Chip Cookies have a maximum shelf life of six months. 

You are recommended to store the cookies in an airtight container to retain freshness. 

9. Nutrition Facts

100 grams of the Amul Chocolate Chip Cookies contain 433 calories as energy. 

For the same amount, you get 21 grams of fats, 5 grams of protein and 56 grams of carbohydrates where 27 grams is in the form of sugar. 

10. Availability

The Amul Chocolate Cookies are available online as well as offline in stores. 

Parameters Amul Chocolate Chip Cookies
Packaging The 200-gm box of Amul Chocolate Cookies is packed in a plastic tray which is further packed in a brown-maroon paper box. 
Price Amul Chocolate Cookies 200g- Rs 65/-

Amul Chocolate Cookies 50g- Rs 15/-

Ingredients Maida, Butter (22%), Sugar, Plain Chocolate Chips (15%), Cocoa Solids (2%), Milk Solids, Liquid Glucose.
Flavor The Amul Chocolate Cookies have balanced sweet and chocolatey flavors. 
Texture The Amul Chocolate Chip Cookies have a bite to them and are crunchy. Additionally, they feel light and airy. They are slightly crumbly too, but that maybe because of the way the product was handled. 
Color There are two shades of brown. The cookie gets a lighter shade of brown from the cocoa solids used, whereas the chocolate chips bring the dark brown look. 
Shelf Life Best before six months from packaging.

Amul Chocolate Cookies, 200gm- Detailed Review

For our Amul Chocolate Cookies review, Team Mishry ordered the 200-gm box of the same. The Amul Chocolate Cookies have a delightful bite with some gooey creaminess that comes from the chocolate chips. 

The butter to sugar ratio is well balanced. We could see chunky cookies instead of flattened cookies that are often a result of too much sugar in the cookie dough. 


  • The Amul Chocolate Chip Cookies are neatly packed in a plastic tray.
  • You get 20 pieces in a 200 gram box.
  • This is priced at Rs 65/- 
  • Cocoa solids and chocolate chips add textures, colors, and variations of flavors. 
  • Amul butter has been used in the preparation process. 
  • The Amul Chocolate Cookies have an intense chocolate aroma.


  • One Amul Chocolate Cookie fills you up sufficiently. 
  • Amul butter is added to the cookie dough.
  • These cookies have a crunch but aren’t hard on the teeth.
  • There is a variation offered in a single bite in terms of texture and taste.
  • The Amul Chocolate Chip Cookies can become a quick alternative to random dessert cravings. 


  • The quantity of chocolate chips shown on the pack was significantly lesser than what you actually get.

Best Suited For

Find yourself craving for something sweet post main meals? The Amul Chocolate Cookies are something you could go for. 

However, if you prefer your cookies to be soft and gooey with a creamy center filling, you may not enjoy the Amul Chocolate Chip Cookies a lot since they have a crunch.

For an elite dessert experience, you could try microwaving one piece of the cookie for 25-30 seconds!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some exciting FAQs on Amul chocolate cookies 

1. Can I buy Amul Chocolate Cookies online?

Yes, these are available online on Amazon. 

2. Are the Amul Chocolate Chip Cookies affordable?

Yes, quite affordable. A 50 gram pack is priced at Rs 50 and a 200 gram box is priced at Rs 65.

3. Can you mention the nutritional values of the Amul Chocolate Cookies?

Per 100 grams, the Amul Chocolate Chip Cookies contain 433 kcals.

4. What is used for the fat content in the Amul Chocolate Cookies?

Amul butter has been used in the Amul Chocolate Cookies.

5. The 200-gm pack of Amul Chocolate Chip Cookies contain how many pieces?

You get 20 pieces of the Amul Chocolate Cookies.

Final Words

Here you have the detailed review of the Amul Chocolate Chip Cookies, from its aroma to the fun way you can convert it into an exquisite dessert. 

We gave these cookies 4 Mishrys for their flavors, and that says a lot. 

The chocolate chips and cocoa powder combination is a classic. 

In addition to this, these cookies are also decently priced. That’s another thumbs up from our team. 

Let us know if you try these out!

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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