Amul Choco Buttery Spread Review

Amul Choco Buttery Spread Review

Amul Choco Buttery Spread is made using safed makhan (white butter) and imparts a lovely chocolate flavor.

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The Amul Choco Buttery Spread is a sweet-tasting spread made using white butter (safed makhan). Even though the chocolate levels are not as high as we would have liked them to be, it is still quite delicious and would be a good, fairly economical alternative to the usual breakfast table staples like jam, butter, and achaars.

There has been a major change in the breakfast aisle at the supermarket. Suddenly there are sections dedicated to different types of chocolate spreads, peanut butter, and other types of nut butters. The market is full of chocolate-based spreads that are made using several kinds of fat like palm oil, sunflower oil, and even ghee. The Amul Choco Buttery Spread is made using white butter (safed makhan), but how does it taste? Does it have the potential to replace your everyday chocolate-based spread? If yes, is it economical? Find out all these answers in our Quick Review of the Amul Choco Buttery Spread.

Quick Review

amul choco buttery spread

Amul Choco Buttery Spread has a good spreadability and tastes good on a hot toast.

Price – 85/-*

Net weight – 200 grams

*Price at the time of review

*As per information on the pack

  • Best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing. 
  • Provides 508 Kcal of energy per 100 grams.
  • Contains added flavors.

White butter, Chocolate syrup (50%) [Invert syrup, Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Water, Cocoa solids, Iodised salt, Acidity regulator, Preservative, Stabilizer. 

Artificial flavoring substances – Cocoa and vanilla.

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Quick Review Of Amul Choco Buttery Spread

Price and packaging – The Amul Choco Buttery Spread comes in a brown plastic tub. A 200-gram tub of this chocolate butter is priced at Rs 85/-.

Amul Choco Buttery Spread - Packaging

Appearance – When we reviewed the Amul Choco Buttery Spread, the temperature was under 10 degrees Celsius which is why it was a solid block. It is not liquidy. The Choco Buttery Spread is brown in color.

Amul Choco Buttery Spread is dark brown in color.

Taste and spreadability – Before we start with how we found the Amul Choco Buttery Spread, it is important to consider the target audience of the product. The Amul Choco Buttery Spread is not meant for adults, it is targeted at children who love a sweet start to their mornings. 

We tried the Amul Choco Buttery Spread in two ways – On top of a hot toast and on plain, untoasted bread. On a hot toast, the spreadability was extremely smooth and we loved the chocolate-like glaze. On an untoasted bread, the spreadability was not great, and broke the bread. Taste-wise, this spread is more sweet than chocolaty. It definitely has that buttery richness but isn’t overpowering like our regular table butter. It can prove to be a good breakfast switch from the same old combination of jam-paratha or butter-bread.

Amul Choco Buttery Spread Review

What we liked was that the Amul Choco Buttery Spread is primarily made using white butter which is much better than a spread filled with palm oil. Apart from that, it is priced fairly. If we compare it to any regular bottle of fruit jam (60-70 Rupees for a 200-gram jar on an average) in the Indian market, the price is within a similar range. Give the Amul Choco Buttery a try if the kids (or you!) are bored of the same old breakfast/tiffin routine and need a quick, hassle-free meal during the daily morning rush.

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