Amul Cheese Poppons - Mishry’s Cheesy And Crispy Review
Amul Poppons

Amul Cheese Poppons – Mishry’s Cheesy And Crispy Review

Amul Poppons are crunchy and tasty! Read the review to know why this could be your go-to snack in your next party!

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Amul Poppons make for a great cocktail snack, especially with vegetarians, who have lesser options in the potato snack segment. These poppons are tasty, crunchy and cheesy,

Have you ever experienced the fun of endless gossip sessions over a hot cup of masala chai and a plate of hot snacks? While pakodas are forever-favorites, there is a wide range of ready-to-cook snacks now in the market that can help you rustle something quick in your kitchen.  Amul Cheese Poppons – yet another long list of new products launched by Amul recently, is one of those quick snacks. Would these cheesy and crispy balls by Amul make for a good accompaniment for your chai-time chitchat?

We can tell you that when Team Mishry reviewed Amul Cheese Poppons at Mishry HQ, the cheesy aroma of this delicious snack by Amul filled up our space. And, the plate of crispy Amul Cheese Poppons was polished off in a matter of minutes. The

Have an exciting read ahead as we bring you all the details from our Amul Cheese Poppons review.

Don’t confuse Amul Cheese Poppons as Amul Cheese Poppins. The smart keyboard of your laptop may sometimes autocorrect Amul Cheese Poppons to Amul Cheese Poppins. Well, the correct name is Amul Cheese Poppons and not Amul Cheese Poppins!

Amul Cheese Poppons

These Poppons by Amul are crunchy and delicious. These will make amazing snacks for your guests!

Amul Happy Treats have a plethora of ready-to-cook & serve snacks like Amul burger patties, Amul veggie sticks, Amul aloo tikki, Amul masala paneer nuggets, Amul Dahi Tikki, Amul nuggets, Amul French fries, and Amul Cheese Poppons to name a few.

Vegetarians are always stuck when it comes to ready-made party starters. Not much is available beyond potato-based snacks.

With Amul Happy Treats ready to cook & serve Amul Cheese Poppons, vegetarians have the option of a tasty, dairy-rich snack that can be served at parties. Amul Cheese Poppons can be a refreshing surprise as a cocktail snack too.

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Sudden uninvited guests at home, don’t worry at all. Just pop in some Amul Cheese Poppons in a pan of hot oil, fry in medium flame, and voila a quick snack is ready to serve.

We bring to you our complete Amul Cheese Poppons review. Keep reading to know each and every detail about this brand new vegetarian snack by Amul.

1. Taste

On tasting Amul Cheese Poppons in our test kitchen, we found that the cheese-pops in Amul Cheese Poppons have been rolled into a very thin coating of breadcrumbs giving it a beautiful brown and thin crispy exterior.

Amul Cheese Poppons has a very cheesy filling inside. Paneer and Cheese are the main ingredients of the filling.

We also noticed tiny bits of capsicum and green coriander in Amul Cheese Poppons. Both these ingredients add fresh flavors and color to these round-shaped party snacks.

Green chillies further add another dimension to Amul Cheese Poppons.

Rich in dairy, with the use of both paneer and cheese, this snack is well seasoned with salt and some pepper.

Overall, Amul Cheese Poppons have a perfect balance of spices.

To be able to really enjoy these cheese pops, your spice tolerance level should be slightly above medium. Amul Cheese Poppons are packed with green chilies and peppers. For children, the heat level in the Amul Cheese Poppons would be considered a bit high.

Speaking of the texture, Amul Cheese Poppons have a perfectly breaded crispy exterior. The outer covering of the Amul Cheese Poppons is thin and light. The soft cheese mixture inside is well coated with crumbs and maintains an airy, softness. The amount of filling inside the pops is just apt and no empty pockets were seen.

No Indian starter is complete without a hari chutney, isn’t it?! Amul Cheese Poppons are accompanied by a minty green chutney. The aroma of the chutney is more minty followed by a bit of coriander aroma.

However, the freshness of a green chutney was definitely missing. Team Mishry members felt it would be better to enjoy this snack with homemade chutney made with fresh ingredients, instead of a ready-to-eat one. The flavor and freshness of the green chutney just do not do justice to the deliciousness of the cheese pops.

In fact, Amul Cheese Poppons is in itself bursting with a lot of flavor and can be enjoyed without the chutney too.

2. Ingredients 

Amul Cheese Poppons Ingredients – Processed Cheese (59%) [Cheese, emulsifying salts (E331 & E452), Common Salt, Permitted class II Preservatives (E200 & E234), Paneer(28%) [Milk Solids and Citric acid(E330)], bread crumb, water, cotton seed oil, Green capsicum, refined wheat flour, potato, corn flour, Green chill, coriander leaves, black pepper, salt, white pepper powder.

Amul Cheese Poppons ingredients for Chutney: Coriander leaves (55%), Mint leaves (19%), green chilli, corn oil, salt, cumin whole, citric acid, wheat fibre, class II preservatives (E211).

Amul Cheese Poppons

3. Crispiness

Perfectly crisp from the outside and soft and pillowy from the inside, Amul Cheese Poppons would be loved for the crunchiness. As you take a bite of the Amul Cheese Poppons, you will feel a crispy and crunchy bite.

To achieve this crispiness, care should be taken while frying.

Make sure the oil is moderately hot. Once the Amul Cheese Poppons go into the hot oil, reduce the temperature.

Keep frying at a low to medium-hot temperature. The exterior of the Amul Cheese Poppons will start browning and they will start becoming crispy.

Patience is the key to browning the Amul Cheese Poppons.

4. Flavor

Amul Cheese Poppons is packed with flavors. The spicy kick of the green chilly and the bites of black pepper are well amalgamated in the cheese and paneer balls, adding a good dimension to these golden beauties.

 When you take a bite of the crispy and yummy Amul Cheese Poppons, you feel a nice crunch of the outside thin layer followed by a rich creamy, cheesy ball of spiciness with just the apt seasoning coming from the dual peppers and perfectly balanced salt level.

5. Price

Amul Cheese Poppons price is  INR 160/- for 300g. Quite reasonably priced.

6. Calories

Energy, kcal is 193 for 100 g, total fat – 2.5g, saturated fat 1.0g, total carbohydrates 27.5 g, Protein 15.0g, sodium 525 mg.

7. Ease of Preparation

Thawing is not required for Amul Cheese Poppons and these need to be cooked frozen.

The best way to prepare Amul Cheese Poppons is to deep-fry them.

It is the easiest and most convenient way to prepare these Amul Cheese Poppons. Just take the Amul Cheese Poppons out of the freezer and dunk these into moderately hot oil.

Cook the Amul Cheese Poppons on low to medium hot oil for 2 to 3 minutes till crisp and golden brown.

Word of caution: Do not overfill the pan with the frozen Amul Cheese Poppons. Fry the Amul Cheese Poppons in batches, allowing some space for movement while the Amul Cheese Poppons are being fried.

Amul Cheese Poppons

8. Packaging

The snack is sold in an easy to open, resealable white-colored pouch pack which has a tempting picture of golden brown Amul Cheese Poppons.

Unused Amul Cheese Poppons in the pack can be stored by sealing the pack and placing it back in the freezer compartment of your fridge.

9. Shell Life

12 months from the date of manufacturing, if stored in temperature < -18 degrees centigrade. Do not buy the packet if found open or damaged.

Price Main Ingredients Flavor Calories
Amul Cheese Poppons price is INR 160/- Amul Cheese Poppons ingredients: Processed Cheese, Paneer, bread crumb, cotton seed oil, Green capsicum, refined wheat flour, potato, corn flour, Green chill, coriander leaves, black pepper, salt, white pepper powder.


Amul Cheese Poppons ingredients Chatni: Coriander leaves Mint leaves green chilli, corn oil, salt, cumin whole


Medium Spicy


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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings


Energy, kcal is 193 for 100 g, total fat – 2.5g, saturated fat 1.0g, total carbohydrates 27.5 g, protein 15.0g, sodium 525 mg.

Amul Happy Treats Ready to Cook & Serve  Cheese Poppons – Detailed Review

Amul Cheese Poppons review can be summarized to say that the Amul Cheese Poppons are tasty, cheesy, perfectly shaped, and do not soak too much oil.

Families snack time. Don’t feel like cooking? Take out the cheesy pops from the freezer and deep fry the Amul Cheese Poppons in a pan of hot oil. Happy family and happy you. In a matter of minutes, Amul Cheese Poppons are ready to be served.

The nice consistency of paneer with cheese, seasoned well with salt and black pepper and a nice hint of green chilies make this a good option.

The accompaniment chutney looks unappetizing due to the dark green color and doesn’t taste fresh. We would avoid this.

Amul Cheese Poppons is a good option for vegetarians who do not want to have regular aloo-based snacks. This may be a spicy option for the kids.

Amul Cheese Poppons are all even in size and aesthetically look good. None of the  Amul Cheese Poppons were broken or cracked. We served the Amul Cheese Poppons with a leafy garnish which enhanced the look of the dish.

The thin coating of the crumbs did make the Amul Cheese Poppons crispy but at the same time, the Cheese Poppons did not soak excess oil.

The snack does not have less quantity of filling. Amul Cheese Poppons review team did not identify any empty pockets inside the Amul Cheese Poppons.

The taste and texture of the  Amul Cheese Poppons are pretty good. It is quite close to a homemade crispy crust. Even the inside filling of the Amul Cheese Poppons is quite similar to the homemade one. The filling does not have any ice particles.

The pack of  Amul Cheese Poppons has approx 12 to 13 pieces in it so you can plan and buy the packet according to the number of people to be catered to.


  • Amul Cheese Poppons Ingredients are high on calcium uses 59% cheese and 28% paneer.
  • The shelf life of Amul Cheese Poppons is 12 months if stored below -18 degrees.
  • Green Mint Chutney is also included in the pack of Amul Cheese Poppons.
  • Net Weight of Amul Cheese Poppons is 300 gms (included 40g chutney).
  • Amul Cheese Poppons are made with Amul Products.
  • 12 pieces inside the pack of Amul Cheese Poppons.
  • Amul Cheese Poppons are Ready to Cook & Serve.
  • Amul Cheese Poppons is a Vegetarian product.
  • Amul Cheese Poppons contains wheat gluten and milk products.


  • Amul Cheese Poppons requires no thawing.
  • Amul Cheese Poppons is a ready-to-cook product.
  • Amul Cheese Poppons are perfectly crisp from outside.
  • The outside covering of Amul Cheese Poppons is not thick at all.
  • No empty pockets found inside the Amul Cheese Poppons.
  • Amul Cheese Poppons ingredients used are quite clean.
  • Amul Cheese Poppons is a complete Vegetarian product.
  • Unused Amul Cheese Poppons can be stored.
  • Amul Cheese Poppons is sold in a resealable pack.
  • A pack of Amul Cheese Poppons would serve 2 to 3.
  • Amul Cheese Poppons are made from Amul Products.


  • If not handled properly during transit then one can find broken pieces of Amul Cheese Poppons inside the pack.

Best Suited For

Amul Cheese Poppons is suitable for those evenings when a snack is to be prepared in a jiffy. Amul Cheese Poppons is a hit to be served as a kitty party snack and starters.

Amul Cheese Poppons is also a good option for a rainy afternoon when one craves something fried.

Needless to say, these make for a good accompaniment for a cocktail party. Amul Cheese Poppons ingredients are calcium-rich so would be a great option for people looking for calcium in their diet.

The snack is priced quite reasonably so this frozen snack is best suited for people hunting for economical, ready-to-eat starters.

Amul Cheese Poppons

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Amul Cheese Poppons.

1. Is the Amul Cheese Poppons durable?

Yes, if stored under -18 degrees centigrade.

2. Is Amul Cheese Poppons easy to prepare?

Yes, quite easy as no thawing required. Just fry in hot oil on medium heat till golden brown and crisp.

3. Is Amul Cheese Poppons a vegetarian product?

Yes, Amul Cheese poppons is a completely vegetarian product.

4. Where can I find Amul Happy Treats Amul Cheese Poppons near me?

Amul Cheese Poppons can be bought from hyper stores of your city or online through Amazon, Big Basket or Amul website.

5. Which are the ingredients of Amul Happy Cheese Poppons?

 Amul Cheese Poppons ingredients used are cheese, paneer, coriander, black and white pepper, cornflour, Breadcrumbs, Salt, Pepper, cotton seed oil, citric acid, preservatives and Water.

6. What is the Amul Cheese Poppons price?

Amul Cheese Poppons price is INR 160/-.

Final Words

Amul Cheese Poppons by Amul Happy Treat is definitely a yummy snack. It is priced well, delivers freshness and convenience, and is suitable for multiple occasions. Ready in a jiffy, this one is sure to be a hit amongst both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

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