Our Story - Mishry

About Mishry

And thanks for taking out time to read a bit more about us!

So, who are we? Mishry is a Gurgaon-based start-up that came into being in early 2019. We are a lean team, passionate about making your kitchen shopping better. We aim to review, over the next few months and years, every product in the Cooking and Dining space – from spices, sauces to dairy products and staples like rice, atta and dals.

Mishry came into being when our founder, Tanu Ganguly, realized there were no credible review platforms in the Food space (and we mean beyond restaurants). Just like we don’t buy a gadget or a car without reading genuine reviews about them online – why do we continue to do that for food?! Food that we cook and eat on a daily basis, and has a direct impact on the family’s health! So why buy without knowing everything there is to know about it?

Our content aims to make shopping for your kitchen-related needs better. According to a research, Indians spend up to 50% of their income on groceries – if that’s the kind of money we spend, then why not make better, informed choices about what to buy.

Our reviews take hours and often days. At our local Review Lab, we are constantly testing, checking, tasting!

Why Mishry?

Every review of ours intends to cover 3 crucial aspects:

  • Tell you the BEST in the category
  • Tell you how we arrived at the results
  • Lead you to ALL the products we test because ultimately you decide what you want, right?

Our reviews are completely un-biased and we take no sponsorships on Mishry Reviews. We do have affiliate links to sites that sell the products we have reviewed. When you buy through these links, we may earn a commission. Please go through our complete Ethics Statement here.

Are there any specific products you would like us to review first?

Tell us here! Or write to us at mishryreviews@gmail.com.

Anything else you think we should be doing? We’re great at listening to feedback! Tell us here! And please allow us a few days to come back in case we are neck-deep in a review!

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