8 Fantastic Substitutes For Parsley - From Coriander To Celery
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8 Fantastic Substitutes For Parsley – From Coriander To Celery

Parsley is an aromatic and taste-enhancing herb that is most commonly used as a garnish. If you cannot find it easily or are told to avoid this herb, this list gives you the top 8 substitutes for parsley, and what can you cook with this flavorful herb.

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Looking for a parsley substitute? Finding a substitute for a popular herb such as parsley can be quite exhausting, especially when you take into account how deliciously it enhances the flavor and taste of any dish it is used as a garnish on. The health benefits of parsley are derived from its low-calorie content, iron content and high-vitamin concentration, both of which are important in enhancing its anti-oxidant properties and making it good for heart health too.

But an unchecked consumption of parsley can have some adverse side effects too – like a decrease in platelet count, leading to a greater risk of excessive bleeding. Pregnant women are hence advised not to consume parsley and instead advised to look for a substitute that can replace it efficiently.

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In the battle of fresh parsley vs dried parsley, let’s find out what are the differences and similarities between the two variations of this herb.

You may wonder which other herb is similar in taste and aroma and can be added to the dish.

Looking for the substitutes which can exactly mimic the flavor of parsley (fresh and dried parsley) can be tough, however, it is a herb nonetheless, and there are a lot of green herbs that can prove to be as efficient in their anti-oxidant and other beneficial stands as parsley itself. Here are a few of those herbs which would prove to be a great parsley substitute –

1. Coriander

fresh coriander leaves
A similar look and nutritional value make coriander leaves an excellent substitute for parsley. The flavor of coriander and parsley are poles apart.

With its unique and pungent flavor, coriander leaves can indeed be a great substitute for parsley even if both of them have a different taste. They both look exactly alike, and not to mention the anti-oxidants found in coriander are in high concentration, which makes it as beneficial as parsley. Coriander has a distinct flavor and may overpower a dish, so use accordingly.

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Coriander is, in fact, a traditional flavoring, which makes it a more trusted substitute. You may use finely chopped coriander leaves as an alternative herb in Mexican and Thai cooking.

2. Chervil

fresh chervil leaves
As another herb popular in French cuisine, chervil’s addition to the meal makes its taste last for long.

This herb is also known as French parsley or garden chervil. This is, in fact, one of the most closely related herbs to parsley, as they both belong to the same herb family.

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Chervil, or Keravil, is a common herb used for the preparation of French cuisine, and as for its taste, it is pungent but much milder as compared to parsley, thus making it a reliable stand-in substitute whose flavor lasts for a longer time. Chervil is a much milder tasting herb in comparison to parsley.

3. Basil

fresh basil leaves in a bowl
Basil is less pungent as compared to parsley, which makes it a great choice if you are looking to lighten the taste.

Though the difference between the flavors of these two herbs can be easily noted, basil is still most popularly used as an alternative for parsley due to their resemblance. Moreover, fresh basil is also loaded with anti-oxidant and its mildly-pungent flavor adds up to the meal’s taste and enhances it along with a subtle balancing of the spice.

4. Mint

fresh mint leaves
Considered being the strongest among the other herbs in the list, the addition of fresh mint leaves to a dish adds a sweetness to the overall taste of the meal.

Mint is often associated with a sweet taste but is highly pungent as compared to parsley. The benefits corresponding with its consumption are very similar when compared to the health benefits associated with parsley.

Moreover, it is also a popular garnish and is used in preparing Asian or middle eastern cuisine. Fresh mint leaves or dried mint leaves are equally aromatic and flavorful.

5. Oregano

dried oregano
The addition of oregano into your meal can make it spicy as well as sweet. You can also use fresh oregano if you can get your hands on some.

Fresh or dried oregano can also prove to be a worthy substitute for parsley. It can also be a great substitute for adding a little spice to your meal. Its milder-taste makes it a great addition as it provides certain sweetness to the mix. Use oregano a little sparingly as it has a very bold taste in comparison to parsley.

6. Celery

Belonging to the similar family as parsley, fresh celery is as close as you can get for a substitute for parsley.

As compared to the other herbs in the list, celery is the closest that you can get to parsley as a garnish. Both of them belong to the same family, they have similar taste and nutritional value, and to add further, the cutting up of celery leaves and adding them up as a garnish would hardly make it distinguishable from parsley.

Parsley, however, has a brighter flavor than celery leaves, so you may have to use it just as a garnish.

7. Carrot Greens

green carrots
Fresh carrot greens, contrary to popular beliefs, are not poisonous. Instead, they can be an effective stand-in herb for parsley.

Carrots, just like celery, belong to the same herb family as parsley. Furthermore, their addition to the meal as a garnish can bring a mild-bitter taste that is very similar to the one you get from parsley, thus making it a great substitute or a stand-in herb in case parsley isn’t available. Carrot greens need to be green and fresh to act as an alternative for parsley.

8. Rosemary

If you are looking for a strong-tasting meal, adding rosemary as a garnishing instead of parsley could be a great choice.

Known for its pungent flavor, rosemary is an aromatic herb that one can use as a stand-in for parsley. One of the best qualities associated with the rosemary garnish is that it is much stronger as compared to parsley.

So if you are looking from something that activates your taste buds, fresh or dried rosemary might just be the perfect herb to choose. Rosemary potatoes make a brilliant side dish.

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Cooking With Parsley & Parsley Substitutes – 5 Dishes That Can Be Made Using Herbs

Many people think of parsley leaves as just a garnish, but this aromatic herb can even be used to make a bunch of delicious recipes too. If you like parsley, here are 5 ways in which you can use it at home.

1. Tabbouleh | Green Herb Salad

Parsley Substitute – Coriander leaves and mint leaves

One of the best ways you could use parsley is to turn it into a tabbouleh or tabouli. The hero ingredient of this refreshing salad is parsley. Tabbouleh is a classic Mediterranean salad made with loads of chopped fresh parsley, bulgur, tomatoes, onions, a small amount of olive oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper.

Some recipes also call for mint leaves or cilantro. You may experiment with this salad according to your own taste. Serve with falafel, pita and some succulent Lebanese kebabs. Try and chop the herbs as finely as possible.

2. Herbed Potatoes With Parsley

Parsley Substitute that may be used – Basil, chervil and oregano

Herbed potatoes are of the most versatile sides with any continental meal. You can eat them as it or serve as a side dish. Chunky cut potatoes rubbed with a herb and olive oil mixture. Oven roasted till golden on the outside and cooked on the outside. Make sure you soak the cut potatoes in boiling water for 2-3 minutes.

Pat dry them and generously coat them in fresh herbs like parsley, cilantro, oregano or basil. Add salt, pepper, chilli flakes, minced garlic or garlic powder. Drizzle olive oil generously. This is surely to be enjoyed by the entire family. This recipe can also be recreated with the following veggies – sweet potato, carrot, zucchini.

3. Chimichurri Sauce

Parsley substitute – Cilantro

Chimichurri sauce doubles up as a marinade and as a condiment with grilled meats or even grilled paneer. To make a chimichurri sauce you will need parsley, coriander leaves, oregano, salt, vinegar, garlic, lots of olive oil and some chillies.

You can use flat-leaf parsley or Italian parsley. The flavor of this parsley based sauce is exceptional and go well with most grills.

4. Grilled Chicken With Parsley Walnut Pesto

Parsley substitute that may be used – Basil, Arugula

For all the health conscious folks, a portion of grilled chicken or grilled fish is one of the best and most favorable meals. In a blender jar, add parsley, olive oil, walnuts, garlic, a pinch of salt and a two tablespoons of shaved Parmesan cheese (optional). Blitz till it makes it a coarse paste.

Marinate the chicken or fish in this parsley pesto and grill till done. Keep applying some olive oil while the chicken/fish cooks. The flavor is not like that of a regular Italian basil pesto. Substituting it with parsley can prove to be a major game changer.

5. Burnt Garlic and Parsley Rice

Parsley substitute that may be used – Rosemary, Cilantro, Chives

Have leftover boiled rice? Turn them into a bow of fragrant burnt garlic and parsley rice. Do not overcook the garlic as it can turn black in color too quickly if kept on high heat continuously. Add rice, bit of seasoning and lots of chopped parsley.

Swap the parsley with rosemary, chives, or cilantro. These flavors marry each other beautifully. This mild rice dish is ideal with creamy mushrooms, paneer steak or grilled chicken.

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Wrapping Up!

Now that you are aware of the different herbs that you can use to fill in for the pungent and aromatic property of parsley, a tasty meal awaits you. Just make sure that your quantity of consumption is at a normal level, for while the taste is an important part of a meal, your health is just as important too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered a few interesting FAQs about parsley substitutes.

In this article, we mentioned 8 substitutes for parsley, which include coriander, thyme, oregano, mint, basil and many more herbs.

Yes, thyme can be replaced for parsley. Before replacing, keep the check on the quantities.

Both are Mediterranean region herbs but are different. The flavor of parley is fresh and woody, whereas the flavor of sage is earthy and slightly peppery.

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