5 Simple & Safe Ideas To Keep The Kids Engaged In The Kitchen

5 Simple & Safe Ideas To Keep The Kids Engaged In The Kitchen

Keeping the kids engaged and involving them in activities that are safe, creative, and that will bring together all members of the family together is so crucial right now.

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We are sure that the quarantine is making children restless. Well, we’ve got you covered. There is nothing a child would love more than thinking they’ve helped their parents by whipping something up in the kitchen. The feeling of getting appreciated by the family members is unmatchable. Moreover, it’s wise to utilize this time to bond with the family and helping your children learn essential kitchen skills that are sure to help them in their life. So, set aside the activity books and tablets. Don your aprons, because there is nothing better than the whole family coming together form

Please ensure that your child is constantly supervised in the kitchen. Do not let him/her operate the stove, knife or any other appliance on their own.

Ways To Engage Children In The Kitchen

1) Stack Some Pancakes

Making pancakes at home has become such an easy task, thanks to the premixes available. Betty Crocker Complete Pancake Mix (Original) only needs water to be added to the dry mix to make a stack of fluffy pancakes. Whip up a batch with the children to help them develop kitchen skills.

How can your child help? If they are little, put them to the job of mixing the batter. If they are older, they can pour the batter on the pan. All children can help to decorate the pancakes as they wish to. Add chocolate syrup, Nutella, compote, fresh fruits, berries, honey, maple syrup, whipped cream. Basically, whatever they love!

Making some pancakes with the children can help them learn some skills.

2) Bake A Cake / Brownies

Baking is so satisfying. Waiting for the cake to rise, when it comes out perfect and we are ready to slather it with thick icing. This activity will make all kids squeal with excitement, that’s for sure. If you don’t have an oven, the Pillsbury Cooker Chocolate Cake (Eggless) should be your go-to option as it can be made in a pressure cooker. If you prefer baking in an oven then you can try the Dr. Oetker Fun Foods Brownie Bake Mix too.

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How can your child help? Greasing the cake tin and mixing the batter is a super job for the little ones. Collecting the ingredients to make a cake and icing it is also a task you can allot to the children. Mashing some fruits for the compote (if you decide to add any) is also a messy and fun experience for the kids.

A chocolate cake easy to make thanks to the premixes.

3) Kulfi Time

No appliances, no stove time. One of the easiest evergreen desserts to make at home that the children would also love is a thandi-thandi Kulfi using a premix. Licking on some kulfis while waiting for the quarantine to get over is far better than panicking, that’s for sure.

How to include children? They can pour the mix into the molds. De-moulding the kulfis should also be a fun task. Sprinkling some dry fruits or rose petals will ensure a yummy dessert by the kids.

Quarantine and chill with kulfis.

4) Paani Puri Time

Golgappas, paani puri, puchkas – whatever you may call them, eating a plateful is soul-satisfying. Haldiram’s Street Style Paani Puri makes for an exciting product under this lockdown for when you’re craving some chatpata street food.

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How can your child help? They can pop the golgappa shells and stuff them with boiled potatoes. Making the golgappa paani can be a fairly easy job for the little ones.

POP goes the golgappa!

5) Milk Frother

Drinking frothy milkshakes, foamy lattes, eating fluffy omelets at the comfort of your home is absolutely blissful. Are you thinking that this cannot happen? Well, all this can be done at home with the help of a milk frother. The Hongxin Milk Frother is a small and handy appliance that can be used to make a foamy coffee, fluffy omelets or frothy buttermilk at home.

How can your child help? This appliance is easy to use and pretty safe. You can hand this over to the kids under your constant guidance. They can whip up some milkshakes and buttermilk for the family to enjoy.

Frothy coffees and milkshakes make for a perfect evening beverage.

Do you have any cool ideas to keep the children busy in the kitchen? Let us know in the comment box below.

Many of you would already have these products at home, stored away in your pantries. It is all about keeping the kids engaged and involving them in activities that are safe, creative, and that will bring together all members of the family together.

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