5 Pasta Sauces You Can Make With Desi Ingredients
Homemade Pasta Sauce Recipes

5 Pasta Sauces You Can Make With Desi Ingredients

Pastas have become an important part of our diet now. As exotic resources are scarce, here are five simple pasta sauces you can make with regular desi ingredients.

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Most Indians are very jugaadu cooks and can turn any ingredient into a spectacular dish within minutes. The same goes when it comes to making pasta. Even though pasta is not native to India, we have turned it into a pantry staple. With limited resources and unavailability of exotic ingredients, we can vouch that pasta is not tasting the same anymore at home. Here are five pasta sauces that can be made with desi ingredients and you won’t be needing fancy-schmancy cheeses or sauces to amp up the flavor.

1) Aglio E Olio

Aglio E Olio, in simple words, is a sauceless pasta. You require three basic ingredients – olive oil, garlic, and chili flakes. This tastes best with spaghetti, but you can use penne, fusilli or any other pasta shape available easily. Add cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, olives or broccoli if you wish to, though it tastes great as it is. In a hot pan add olive oil and finely chopped garlic, saute it for 1-2 minutes, add chili flakes and the boiled pasta. Use a little bit of the water leftover from the build pasta, in case you feel it is all getting a little dry. Season it with salt according to taste. You can also add sundried tomatoes if you have them at home. Top with lots of virgin olive oil, EVOO is even better.

The best part of an Aglio e olio is you can add or subtract any ingredient according to your preference.

A classic Aglio e olio is unbeatable and is an easy to make pasta at home with limited ingredients.

2) The Desi Tadka Pasta a.k.a Macaroni

How can we ever forget the desi macaroni masala we gobbled up as children? A tangy onion and tomato masala with turmeric, salt, and chilies. It is truly an Indian fusion classic that we can never say no to. All you need for this desi tadka pasta are 2 staple vegetables and a few masalas. The pasta shape most associated with this type of pasta sauce is macaroni.

The desi macaroni is a heartwarming path to your childhood days.
Image Credit – Aditi Dutt

3) Makhani Sauce Baked Pasta

It’s easy, it’s delicious! For this, you would need a few desi ingredients like tomatoes and malai. Yes, malai is a must-have in a makhani sauce kit, in case fresh cream is not available. In a pan add olive oil, chopped garlic, pureed tomatoes, seasoning and malai/cream. Cook till the tomatoes start to leave the oil on the sides. Add the boiled pasta to it. Transfer the pasta to a baking dish, add cheese on top and bake for 5-7 minutes or till the cheese has completely melted.

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A fusion makhani pasta sauce is made with tomatoes and malai.

4) Spinach And Mushroom Sauce

A vibrant spinach and mushroom sauce are not only healthy but super scrumptious too. It requires very little oil and no cream or cheese. Saute garlic and mushrooms in a pan with a spoon of olive oil. Once done, add spinach puree, season with salt, pepper, oregano, and chili flakes. Add some black olives and cherry tomatoes to increase the color palate. You can eat it as it is or bake it in the oven with some cheese if you can afford the calories.

Spinach and mushroom sauce pasta can be baked also.

5) Whole Wheat White Sauce With Atta

Making a white sauce with maida requires constant stirring to avoid lump formation. But when you make a white sauce using whole wheat flour, no constant stirring is required. Just add milk and atta in a coffee shaker. In a pan, saute garlic in olive oil or butter. Add onions, mushrooms or any other vegetables you like and pour the milk and atta mix. Stir slightly till the sauce thickens. Season with salt, pepper, oregano, and chili flakes. Add boiled pasta and you’re just one step away from perfection.

Whole Wheat White Sauce With Atta: No one would be able to guess if the sauce is made with atta!

Do you have any innovative lockdown-friendly pasta recipes? Send it to us and we will surely try it out!

Here’s a delicious recipe of Baked Pasta by Chef Vicky Ratnani that you would love to try at home!

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Baked Pasta

Chef Vicky Ratnani is here yet again to save you from boring evening snacks at home. With a little bit of Veeba sauces and the genius of chef Ratnani, you can enjoy your favorite snacks right at home. Here’s Chef Vicky Ratnani’s quick and easy baked pasta recipe.

  • 250 Grams Penne pasta (or any other pasta)
  • 1 Cup Blanched vegetables (carrots, bell peppers, cauliflower)
  • 1 Cup Veeba Pasta and Pizza Sauce
  • 50 Grams Grated cheese
  1. Start by boiling the pasta. When the pasta is about 60% done, add the vegetables for blanching in the same water.

  2. In an oven-proof frying pan, add the cooked pasta, blanched vegetables and the Veeba Pasta and Pizza Sauce.

  3. Stir well to coat every piece of pasta and vegetable properly.

  4. Sprinkle the grated cheese all over the top and place the pan in an oven.

  5. Bake for 20 minutes  at a temperature of 180°C.

  6. Serve hot.

You can choose any type of pasta you like. In fact you could choose whole wheat pasta too, which is a healthier version. 

Did you know there are many variants of pasta? Click here to know more.

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