Bye-Bye Rotis! 5 Dishes You Can Make With Whole Wheat Flour (Atta)

Bye-Bye Rotis! 5 Dishes You Can Make With Whole Wheat Flour (Atta)

Swap refined flour with whole wheat flour to make some incredibly delicious food. No, we aren’t talking about rotis and paranthas. Let’s have a look!

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Indians have been consuming whole wheat flour to make their daily bread (chapatis/rotis) as far as the history books can go. But, what about the cakes and pasta that children consume at a fast rate – have we ever wondered how much refined packaged foods are we offering them on a daily basis? In a world full of refined foods and unhealthy lifestyles, why not consciously choose to switch to better quality flours to make treats that are otherwise store-bought or made with refined sugar and flour. It’s time to start experimenting in the kitchen.

Here are 5 dishes that can be made at home using the humble atta (whole wheat flour).

1) Whole Wheat Cake / Muffins

The hardest things to master in the kitchen are usually very simple, to begin with, like baking a sponge cake. Sometimes it’s too dense, sometimes it too dry. But once you have perfected a recipe, there’s no looking back. Whatever your foolproof sponge cake recipe is, swap the refined flour with atta to make it healthier. You can also switch the sugar with gud (jaggery) and add one overripe mashed banana for softness. Pour this batter into small muffin molds, bake and watch the family polish it off in minutes.

Healthy and spongy – Whole wheat muffins

2) How To Make ‘White Sauce’ With Atta

Take a coffee shaker and fill the milk till the top and add 2 tablespoons of atta. Shake vigorously and keep it aside. In a pan, add olive oil, minced garlic and sauté. Add the milk-atta mix. Stir lightly till it thickens and add salt, oregano, chili flakes, and pepper according to taste. You can add mushrooms too if you like them. Use this whole wheat sauce for pasta, baked vegetables or to spread on a toast.

Another plus of making this sauce is that you don’t have to worry about constantly stirring it or it being lumpy. The results are always consistent and smooth.

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No one can tell the difference between atta based white sauce and a regular maida white sauce.

3) Whole Wheat Cookies

Snacking on sugar filled cookies is at an all-time high when you have a mid-meal hunger pang. Another thing that is on an all-time high is probably your weight. Switch the maida with whole wheat flour to bake some fresh cookies that are definitely healthier and tasty too. Add some chocolate chips, nuts or seeds according to your liking.

Add yummy choco chips or nuts to your whole wheat cookies.

4) Whole Wheat Pancakes

We know how hard it is to keep children engrossed at home with limited resources while keeping a strict check on their screen time. A few ways you can keep them busy is by asking them to help you with the kitchen chores like making pancakes or cleaning up afterward. Along with keeping them busy, it is also important to lower their sugar intake and add something nutritious to everything they eat. Making pancakes with whole wheat flour, bananas and yogurt might seem a bit off, but they taste so good that your children will keep asking for more. Add maple syrup, berries, chocolate spread or fruits on top according to availability and preference.

Add bananas and yogurt to your whole wheat pancakes to make them soft.

5) Whole Wheat Tart

Making tart shells at home is quite easy and once you have made them, they can be used in multiple ways. Turn them into desserts or turn them into a savoury cheesy tart. Add some flaxseed powder to the whole wheat flour to include some fibre in the tart shells. Make sure when you are making the tart shells, the butter is chilled and cut into small pieces. By doing this you can be sure that the tart will be crisp.

Tarts are easy to make at home once you have perfected the recipe.

Cooking Supplies You Will Need

A drum full of atta and some of these supplies that are available online –

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1. Cadbury Cocoa Powder

  • Contains artificial flavoring substances
  • Comes in a purple plastic jar

2. Perfect Pricee Cupcake Tray 

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  • Slots to hold 6 muffins/cupcakes

3. Borges Fusilli Tricolor Pasta

  • Made with durum wheat
  • Contains dehydrated tomato for the red pasta
  • Contains dehydrated spinach for the green pasta

Do you have other ways to use whole wheat flour in your diet apart from rotis and paranthas? We would love to know about them. Leave a comment.

Out of ideas for your next meal? Worry not, we’ve got your back! A set of fresh ideas and suggestions to keep your menus interesting! Read these posts to help you choose what to cook for the next meal using regular staples like attasujimoong dalrice and potatoes. We will also give you tips on how to use common condiments like mayonnaise and spices like jeera and turmeric in your diet to maximise the usage of everyday products.

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