5 Amazing Benefits Of Lassi | How To Make Lassi At Home
Health benefits of lassi

5 Amazing Benefits Of Lassi | How To Make Lassi At Home

As a curd- based drink, a glassful of lassi is known work as a powerful agent forthe balancing of the internal temperature of a body, thus acting as a great natural cooler. Moreover, its probiotic rich nature makes it quite beneficial for the digestive health of one’s body.

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There is nothing that can be more satisfying than a glass of lassi during the summer months. It can help you cool down, and gives you enough energy and replenishment to sustain the harsh summer sun. Made out of a mixture of curd and water, and sweetened with sugar, lassi can work wonders for your stomach’s health too. This is one natural, homemade drink that has more advantages than any sugary, bottled drink you could get out there. This popular dahi based summer cooler is, to say the least, a satisfying treat even for people who are lactose intolerant. The reason for this is simple; during the formation of curd through the process of fermentation, lactose is broken down into lactic acid making curd easier to be digested even by those who cannot otherwise digest lactose.

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Here are 5 amazing ways in which curd can beneficial for your health, especially during summers.


1. Rich In Probiotics

Probiotics are the live cultures that added to foods to aid in the process of fermentation. This is how curd is made as well. When a small amount of ‘starter’ is added to a bowl of warm milk, the probiotics present in the curd begin the process of fermentation thereby leading to the formation of curd. Though lassi isn’t as good a source of probiotics as curd since it is diluted with water, it however contains a sufficient amount of probiotics that can easily survive the acidic environment of your stomach and reach your intestines to perform their work. These bacteria are responsible for good gut health and efficient digestion.


2. Aids In Combating Stomach Related Issues

Summers is a time when no matter how much water you drink, you’ll find yourself still feeling thirsty and looking for cooling drinks to feel fresh. And due to the fluid retention ability of the body, a higher intake of water can significantly cause abdominal bloating. However, that is not the case with lassi, as the live cultures present in this cooler help in fighting such problems while also maintaining the body’s temperature.

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3. Promotes Bone Health

How can we miss out on this essential benefit, especially that of a dairy product? Lassi, just like any other dairy product, is a good source of calcium. And as we all know, calcium is an essential mineral that is also considered to be the building block of bones and teeth, thus, a higher calcium rich diet can be quite beneficial for increasing and maintaining bone density.

4. Good For Digestion

Yes, once again thanks to the healthy bacteria present and good protein content, a glass of lassi has shown to be a quite beneficial when it comes to digestion. The bacteria called lactobacillus bulgaricus, which is used for the fermentation of milk, is also responsible for smoothening of the inner linings of the stomach, thus allowing the digestive juices to be efficient at their job of breaking down the nutrients present in the food.

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5. Strengthens Immunity

Being a rich source for vitamin D and lactic acid (as the fermentation breaks down the lactose of milk into lactic acid), lassi can help strengthen the immune system. Vitamin D is one of the most essential nutrients that is required by the immune system in order to stay healthy and remain active. Thus, a sufficient level of vitamin D can reduce the risk of diseases as it keeps the immune cells ready for their anti-microbial response.

How To Make Lassi At Home

Now that we are aware of the amazing benefits of a glass of lassi, the other important thing to note is the how it can be prepared at home. Though there are many manufacturers in the market, each having their own lassi, making it at home can give it a homily essence.

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The main ingredients that you’ll require in order to prepare a sweet glass of lassi are:

  • 2 cups of curd
  • ½ cup of water
  • 3 tbsp of sugar (or as per taste)

Having quite simple and straightforward ingredients, the process to prepare a glass of lassi is actually quite easy. The preparation of this sweet summer cooler consists of the following basic steps:

  1. Take the curd and blend until it becomes smooth.
  2. Then, add the ½ cup of water and mix it well for dilution and desired consistency.
  3. Addition of sugar is the last thing to do. But, it is also important to note that they should be mixed well.

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As it is now clear that with just a few steps, you can treat yourself to this curd-based healthy beverage. What’s more lassi is a beverage that doesn’t shy away from other flavors. The most common flavorings that are used in lassi are mango, rose, banana and even khas. However, it is advised to take note of your consumption while adding these flavorings as they might contain a few extra calories.

When Is The Best Time To Have Lassi?

Lassi, as we have mentioned earlier, is a cooling drink and should be avoided at night-time. And that is what Ayurveda suggests as well. According to Ayurveda, anything with curd should ideally be avoided after dark. Having said that, since lassi provides a boost to the metabolism, a glass of light lassi (not thick, and not over-sweet or laden with cream or malai) could be a good way to soothe the tummy after a heavy dinner. The live cultures present in lassi may help make the digestion process faster and help faster absorption of nutrients.

So, if you want to chill in this season of unbearable heat, lassi might just be the drink to keep handy.

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