15 Fabulous Benefits Of Moringa Seeds

15 Fabulous Benefits Of Moringa Seeds

You might know the common drumstick, but have you ever heard of people eating moringa seeds? That’s right. The miraculous healing properties of the moringa seeds make it a much-coveted ingredient.

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Moringa, Moringa Oleifera or drumstick is a herb that’s obtained from the moringa tree. It’s a small, fast growing tree that doesn’t require much water and offers tons of health benefits, and not only is every part of this tree edible but is also loaded with lots of nutrition. Its root, leaves, bark and seeds are used in traditional medicines due to its exceptional healing properties. The National Institute of Health called Moringa The Plant Of The Year’ in 2008 because of its exceptional health benefits. And while you might be familiar with the drumstick as it’s used in curries and other vegetarian preparations, let’s take a look into how healthy the moringa seeds can be.

Nutritional Value Of Moringa seeds (140grams)

Protein –  2 grams

Carbohydrates –8.5 grams

Fat                      – less than 1 gram

Calories               – 37

Vitamin  C          – 235% of RDA

Iron                      – 350% of RDA

Potassium          – 13% of RDA

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Calcium             – 3% of RDA

Magnesium      – 28% of RDA

The Benefits of Moringa Seeds

1. A Rich Source Of Antioxidants And Anti-inflammatory Properties

Moringa seeds are packed with 46 antioxidants all of which are known for reducing oxidative stress and chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and arthritis. The Vitamin C in it supplies the body with electrons and prevents cell damage. Now, did you know that moringa seeds contains 7 times more vitamin C than an orange? It also helps to slow down the ageing process and promotes wellness. Moringa seeds are known for their anti-inflammatory properties that can cure Edema. A study shows the efficiency of moringa powder to treat severe inflammation conditions (1).

Moringa seeds are packed with 46 antioxidants all of which are known for reducing oxidative stress and chronic diseases
Image Credit: Wikimedia commons

2. Can Battle Anemia

While green leafy vegetables are known to supply our bodies with the much-required iron, it’s beneficial to know that moringa seeds contain three times more iron than spinach and can improve hemoglobin levels in the body dramatically. Incidentally, moringa leaves are often used as a substitute to spinach in many recipes.

3. Helpful In Digestion And Stomach Problems

Moringa seeds are rich in fiber which helps in the movement in intestines for expelling waste. Sufficient amounts of fibre in one’s diet is essential for smooth digestion and preventing constipation. Moringa seed can cure gastritis, stomach ulcers and other stomach related issues due to its antibiotic and antibacterial properties. It’s also effective in reducing the growth of pathogens.

Moringa seeds are rich in fiber which helps in intestinal movement, required for expelling any waste

4. May Regulate Blood Sugar Level

Moringa seeds are often recommended when it comes to controlling diabetes. The presence of zinc helps in lower glucose in blood. It’s enriched with antioxidants such as Glucomoringin, Phenols and Flavonoids which are very efficient in reducing blood sugar levels. A study shows that moringa seed powder promotes a safe and effective anti-diabetic response in male rats (2).

5. Enhances Heart Health

Moringa seeds may decrease the amount of oxidized lipids in our body and therefore it’s beneficial in preventing constructive damage, cardiac arrest and improves heart health. Moringa seeds have oleic acid that reduces artheroscelosis (hardening of arteries) A study on rats shows that moringa seeds are effective for heart diseases which are linked with high blood pressure (3).

Moringa seeds have oleic acid that reduces artheroscelosis (hardening of arteries)

6. Aids Liver Health

Liver health is vital to our overall health. Moringa seeds purify blood and detoxifies the liver. Moreover, it may protect the liver from damage caused by anti-tubercular drugs and help in the recovery of damage. According to a study, liver fibrosis was induced in rats for eight weeks and doses of moringa seed extract was effective in healing liver injury (4).

7. Strengthens The Bones

Moringa seeds contain 4 times more calcium than one glass of milk. In addition to calcium, they also have phosphorus that supports bone health. Being rich in anti-inflammatory compounds, moringa seeds can help damaged bones and those with arthritis.

8. Purifies The Water

The uses of moringa seed also include an easy and cost effective water purification. Moringa seeds have antimicrobial properties which help in making water potable. An oil in the seed after extraction leaves behind a protein rich substance that hampers the growth of bacteria in water. Moringa fruit can be utilized for cleaning water in developing regions of the country.

9. May Help In Weight Loss

Moringa seeds have plenty of fiber that improves digestion and cures stomach problems and further stimulates our metabolism. It also helps to curtail unnecessary hunger pangs or cravings. Moringa seeds is a powerhouse of more than 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants with anti-inflammatory compounds like Isothiocyanates. Moringa seeds also improves insulin sensitivity and hormonal balance and is definitely worth trying during your weight-loss program.

Moringa seeds has plenty of fiber which improves digestion and cures stomach problems that further stimulates our metabolism

10. Helpful In Asthma

Asthma is a respiratory condition that causes breathing difficulties and can be controlled by the intake of Chlorophyll. Moringa seeds contains a respectable amount of chlorophyll and therefore boots the respiratory system. In A study, 20 people were asked to consume 6 grams of moringa seed kernels daily for 3 weeks and their symptoms improved significantly (5).

11. Enhances The Skin Health

Moringa seeds contains essential nutrients, antioxidants and Omega- 9 fatty acids which can do wonders to your skin, and regular use can make your skin soft and younger looking. It also increases collagen in the skin that prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Being rich in antibacterial properties, moringa may also aid in the healing of acne, blemishes and breakouts.

Moringa seeds increases collagen in the skin that prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

12. Maintains Hair Wellness

Moringa seeds can make your tresses healthy and beautiful! They contain all the necessary nutrients such as Vitamin A, B, C, D and E which help in growth of the hair, moisturizes them and prevents oxidative stress. The iron present in moringa seed can also combat hair thinning or hair loss. Moringa seeds contain zinc that may quickly heal the follicles damage in hair.

13. May Cure Eye Problems

Moringa seeds contains a large quantity of betacarotene ( Vitamin A) Zeaxanthin and lutein, which are all extremely beneficial for eye health. Additionally, the anti-diabetic properties of moringa seeds are an advantage for those with diabetes as they often battle with cataract trouble. A study by Journal Of Ocular Pharmacology Therapeutics shows that extraordinary activities of flavonoids through moringa extracts cure and slow down the development of cataracts (6).

Moringa seeds contain exceptional amount of betacarotene ( Vitamin A) Zeaxanthin and lutein which are highly beneficial for eye health

14. Can Treat Insomnia

Drumstick seeds contains eight types of amino acids and among them Tryptophan is vital. With the support of iron, vitamin B6 and riboflavin, Tryptophan converts into serotonin and melatonin which are immensely helpful in inducing sleep and improving moods. You can take one glass of water, put some seeds and let them steep for fifteen minutes and drink it.

15. An Excellent Would Healer

Moringa seeds have used as a traditional medicine for treating skin wounds and associated problems for thousands of years. In a study, moringa seeds have been found effective in healing process in rats (7).

How To Eat Moringa Seeds

Although moringa seeds are not very pleasant in taste, they can be prepared in innovative ways to make them palatable. Generally, seeds and nuts are delicious but moringa seeds are sweet at first, but the after taste is slightly bitter but as we all know that bitter is better.

Moringa seeds are taste sweet at first but the aftertaste is slightly bitter
Image credit: Wikimedia commons

As A Snack

Popcorn is known to be a healthy snack, but moringa seeds are even healthier. You can toss moringa seeds in some oil, sprinkle it with a bit of salt and enjoy it when you feel a bit peckish.

In Stews,Soups And Sauces

Moringa seeds can be added in stews, soups and sauces of your choice for adding a little crunch. Moringa seeds are absolutely delicious in sambar.

 In Muffins And Porridges

The easiest way of using moringa seeds is in powder form. Moringa seeds can be dried and used in muffin and cakes for added nutrition.

In Fruit Juices And Beverages

Moringa seed powder can be added to fruit juices like mango juice, banana smoothie and hot tea for its health benefits. The taste however is rather acquired.

Despite being a super food and one of the healthiest vegetables available, even the moringa comes with a few downsides. Here’s a quick look at what you might need to know if you’re planning to introduce moringa seeds in your diet.

Side-Effects Of Moringa Seeds

  • It’s not advised to consume moringa seeds on an empty stomach as it can cause stomachache.
  • Excessive intake of moringa seeds may lead to upset stomach, diarrhea, gas and heartburn and must be consumed in moderation. The safe intake intake is 3-4 seeds a day.
  • Moringa seeds contains anti-fertility qualities thus pregnant ladies should not take it in any form without the consultation of a doctor.
  • Breastfeeding mothers must avoid moringa seeds because some of the ingredients in it are not suitable for infants.
  • Moringa seeds can interrupt the thyroid medication like levothyroxine hence it must be avoided.
  • Always consult your doctor before consuming moringa seeds during diabetes because the moringa seed along with diabetes medication can lower the glucose levels below the normal range which may be harmful.
  • High blood pressure patients should always seek medical advice before having moringa seeds as it may interact with blood pressure medication and can reduce it drastically.
  • The taste of moringa seeds is not pleasant which may result in nausea or vomiting in some cases.
  • Moringa seeds contains high levels of antinutrients that decrease the absorption of proteins and minerals in the body.


Moringa seeds are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-diabetic, and are called the gift of nature. The seeds are a treasure chest of essential nutrients and antioxidants. Considered to be a superfood, moringa is also available in the form of powdered supplement which can be added into your curries and dals to add an extra dash of health.

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