Wingreens Farms Waffle: Pleasing Vanilla Aroma And Easy To Make

Product Details

– Price- Rs 199/- – Net Quantity- 250 grams – Mishry Rating (on 5)- 4

Price & Packaging

Inside a bucket-shaped plastic container, a sealed poly pack holds 250 grams of the waffle mix. It is priced at Rs 199 and has a shelf life of nine months.

Main Ingredients:

– Wheat flour – Sugar – Sunflower oil – Fextrose – Milk solids

How we made it?

– The brand mentions mixing 200 grams of the mix with 50 grams of oil and water. – Once a flowy, batter-like consistency is achieved, pour it in a preheated waffle iron and let it cook for 5-6 minutes. – Once cooked and cooled, top with butter, honey, maple syrup, chocolate, fruits, etc. – We tasted the waffles as is and with some Hershey’s chocolate syrup. – We used this mini waffle iron to test this mix.

Taste & Texture

While the waffles were baking, they emitted a pleasing vanilla aroma that was sweet and mildly floral. The texture of these waffles was spot-on. They developed a crisp brown exterior with an airy, cakey bite in the center. Despite being an eggless mix, the waffles had risen well. The sweetness was well-rounded, it wasn’t overwhelming. The overall taste allows for adding a variety of toppings.

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