Which is the Best Frozen Aloo Samosa?

We tested 4 brands to find the tastiest one. 

How did  we test them? 

Our Parameters : - Taste - Texture - Convenience - Price

Title 2

Haldiram's Punjabi  Samosa

- Desi-halwai style samosas - No industrial aftertaste - Ample filling - Perfect crunch - Well seasoned - Price per samosa : Rs. 27.5/-

Prasuma Mini Samosa

- Mix of soft potatoes, crunchy peanuts and chewy raisins - Ajwain adds a beautiful flavor - Comes with a sweet chilli sauce - Price per samosa - Rs. 24

Why did ITC Masterchef Punjabi Samosa not win?

- Samosas were slightly doughy - Filling was comparatively lower - Flavors need some improvement - Price per samosa : Rs. 11.4

Title 2

Why did Samossay not win?

- Least flavorful - Fairly average filling - Broke while frying - Price per samosa : Rs. 12

Our Verdict

a. Haldiram's Frozen Samosa is our top pick as it replicates large halwai-style samosas. 

b. Prasuma Mini Samosa is also recommended because of how delicious (though expensive) they are. 

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