Cherish Flavors Of  Masala Chai With Wagh Bakri  Premium Spiced Tea

Product Details

A box of 250 grams is priced at Rs 160/-. Made using black tea, natural spiced flavors of ginger, black pepper, and cardamom.

Mishry Rating


– The fragrance of these tea leaves was, in a word, enticing! – Dominant on pepper. – The spices lend warmth, some spice, and a subtle sweetness to the tea.


– Impressive flavors. – Soothing yet refreshing. – Bold warm flavors of spices – We also give this full marks on convenience. The need to add a chai masala seprately is eliminated.


Our Verdict

Wagh Bakri Premium Spiced Tea gave us one thing consistently- soothing slurps. Worth trying atleast once during the winters. We promise you will not regret this purchase.

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