Best Party Snacks

Tried & Tested By Mishry

1. Prasuma Bao Buns

– Super soft and fluffy. – The bao are filled from end to end. No empty pockets! – Easy to prepare.

2. Haldiram’s Punjabi Samosa

– The outer crust turned out crispy. – Perfect balance of flavor is maintained here. – You can either deep-fry or bake them.

3. Beyond Snack Kerala Banana Chips

– It has no oily aftertaste. – We loved the super crisp and thin texture.

4. Coolberg Non Alcoholic Beer

– The packaging looks attractive. – Full marks for the budget-friendly pricing. – Refreshing and crisp.

5. BRB Popcorn Chips

– These chips are gluten free. – It has a clean ingredient list. – The texture is super crisp. Thumbs up!

6. Imagine Meats Chicken Nuggets

– Chunky and juicy, these have a fresh and meaty taste. – Full marks for the balanced seasoning.

7. Lay’s Gourmet Potato Chips

– The texture of these chips is top notch. – Excellent packaging. – We loved the innovative flavors.

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