Is Jaggery House’s Solid Jaggery Worth Trying?

Product Details

– Price- Rs 140/- – Net Quantity- 450 grams – Main Ingredients- Sugarcane juice – Mishry Rating- 3/5


The blocks are placed in a plastic wrapper which is further covered in a brown box packing and tied with a brown string. This pack held small, ocher-golden cubes of jaggery.

Nutrition Quotient

This is prepared with just one ingredient, sugarcane juice.It contains no essence or preservatives.It is also mentioned that extracts of plant hibiscus ficulneus is used as the cleansing agent (okra).The caloric values are 385.2 Kcal which is almost identical to that of refined sugar.The key difference between the nutrition profile of these sweeteners is that, jaggery has a higher iron content than table sugar.


The freshness was intact and the taste felt similar to the regular gur we buy for personal use.That characteristic flavor of caramel was missing.It showcases the innate sweet, mildly sour aroma that jaggery typically has.


Compared to the regular, fresh gur we buy for personal use from local vendors, these cubes felt drier and were harder to bite into.

Our Verdict

The Jaggery House Solid Jaggery are single-ingredient natural sweeteners that are devoid of additives and preservatives. However, the pricing, taste, and texture (freshness) have room for improvement.

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