The Best Chocolate Filled Cookies In India

1. Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills

– Crisp cookie! – The sweetness of the filling and the cookie were in sync and balanced. – We also liked how beautiful the consistency of the chocolate filling was. It’s neither runny, not dense and clotted.

2. Britannia Treat Burst Choco Fills Cookies

– No broken pieces. Medium sized cookies. – The cookie has a fudgy layer of chocolate and then a molten, smooth lava chocolate center with an appropriate consistency.

3. Cadbury ChocoBakes

– The chocolate filling to cookie ratio was decent, not too much or too little. – The cookie felt slightly dense. – The filling was thick but smooth.

4. Unibic Choco Kiss Cookies

– These cookies were oily to touch and had a slightly glossy appearance. – The centre filling was smooth and flowy. This filling was added quite generously.

5. Parle Hide & Seek Milano Cocoa Rich Biscuit

– These had a deep brown appearance, almost dark chocolate-like. – The cookie looked overbaked and wasn't as crisp.

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