Snaqary Teekha Multigrain Sev: Keeps Check Of Calories and Cravings Both!

Product Details

– Price- Rs 60/- – Net Quantity- 120 grams – Main Ingredients- White lentil flour (15%)Ragi flour (15%)Tapioca starch (15%) – Mishry Rating- 4.5/5


The sev comes in a non-resealable pouch.


We could taste the earthiness that ragi has, but it was mild.The spice quotient was balanced and not overwhelming.The seasoning was toothsome!


Nutrition Quotient

No preservatives,artificial colors, or transfat.Made with more nutrient-dense ingredients.It is lower in calories and all three macronutrients in comparison to regular bhujia.

Our verdict

We are impressed, and how?! A truly healthier alternative that tastes good too. Snaqary Teekha Multigrain Sev is just that. Your snacking is bound to get better!

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