Nova Nova’s Choco Filled Cones Are Decadent!

Product Details

Price - Rs 249/- Net Quantity - 100 grams Mishry Rating

Main Ingredients

– All purpose flour – Belgian chocolate sauce – Milk chocolate compound


The aroma was appetizing, chocolaty, and inviting.


– These cones were caramel-colored with a deep brown filling. – Uneven-looking, some cones were crumbly, others were broken from the bottom, but they were all filled with chocolate to the max. – A cone would be approximately be 3-4 cms.


– There was a desirable balance between the flavor of chocolate and overall sweetness. – We tasted a miniscule quantity of salt and it enhanced and tied the flavors together.


– It had a crisp bite. – The chocolate filling was smooth and well-set. – The crispness of the cone and smoothness of the chocolate worked well together. – The cone was filled with chocolate from end to end, there were no empty bites.

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