Making Modak For Ganesh Chaturthi? Try Out These Moulds!

C&G Silicone Mould

– Best for making steamed modak. – Very convenient to demould

The GEM Bakers Modak Maker

– Long-lasting mould as its aluminum. – Convenient to demould

Devchhaya Aluminium Modak Moulds

– Can be easily stored. – Not meant for modak to be made with stuffing.

NewQAluminium Modak Maker Machine

– Easy to wash – Not dishwasher proof as it's aluminium.

CP Global Silicone Mold

– For small and medium-sized modaks. – Not easy to wash.

BRUSHFINCH Plastic Mould

- Multi modak maker - Not meant for making steamed modak. - Easy to wash and store.

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