Masalejar’s Tandoori Marinade:  Goodness Of Nutrition And Taste

Product Details

Priced at Rs 200/- for a 100 gm jar. Main Ingredients include mustard oil, salt, tandoori masala and cashew paste. Mishry Rating- 4.75/5


– 100 grams of this marinade is packed in glass jar with a clean, elegant label. – It has a shelf life of 90 days.


Supremely exquisite aroma!This marinade had a lingering mustard oil aroma with warming notes of ginger and garlic.


This paste had deep red, brown tones.It wasn’t flowy or smooth.It was chunky with a thick consistency.


Not excessively salty.The spice wasn’t overwhelming too.This marinade had a well-rounded flavor of ginger and garlic.Has a lovely smokiness which we look for in a tandoori paste.

Our Verdict

We loved Masalejar's Tandoori Marinade Spice Mix. Taste, convenience, and ingredients this excelled in all three aspects.

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