List Of Vrat-Friendly Products We Found on

Mother’s Recipe Sabudana Papad with Sendha Namak

– This pack holds 75-grams of ready-to-use sabudana papad. – Can be served as a snack or a crispy side dish with meals.

Indiyum Vrat Special Foxnut

This container holds 90 grams of roasted, salted foxnuts that are homestyle. Also known as makhana or popped lotus seeds, this makes for a nutritious snack that has a low glycemic index.

Lion Dates

This pack contains 500 grams of deseeded dates. The brand boasts of consistent taste and quality.

Good Life Sava Rice

This is a 500-gram pack of sava rice. It is packed in a non-resealable pouch. These are larger than semolina but smaller than sago.

Tanawade Sabudana Kheer Mix

This pouch holds 150-grams of the mix that prepares sabudana kheer in three simple steps. The ingredients used are sago, sugar, cashew nut, almond, pista, and cardamom.

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