Interesting Navratri Products We Found On 

A RTE Sabudana Khichdi Mix

This mix is cooked using sago pearls, potatoes, roasted peanuts, sendha namak. It does not contain onion or garlic.

Organic Chaulai Ke Laddoo

This pack of laddoo is made using super-grain amaranth and jaggery. Along with being a rich source of energy, these laddoos are suitable for those observing a fast.

A Lemon Pickle That You Can Savor With Your Meals

Add sweet and tangy flavors to your fasting meals with this sweet lime lemon crush pickle. The ingredients consist of lemon, jaggery, cow ghee, sugar, salt and red chili powder.

A Dosa That You Can Have While Fasting

This mix offers benefits such as no bloating, no acidity and more. This fast-friendly meal is a healthy breakfast option.

A Kitchen Press To Make Homemade Sev

This kitchen press comes with different blades, shapes and sizes. You can pick any and make your favorite fast-friendly namkeen using these. This tool provides an easy and comfortable grip.

Quick Eats – Ready To Cook Sama Pulao

Prep your upwas meal in 10 minutes with this ready to cook sama pulao! This product does not contain added colors and preservatives.

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