Are Fresh Herb Saver Pods Worth Buying?


– This herb savor pod is made of plastic material. – The built of this tool is pretty sturdy and highly durable.


– This herb storage container comes in a sturdy box pack. – The container inside the box is covered with plastic.

Testing Results

– The basil leaves we added on Day 1 were wilted the next day. (Without stalk/roots) – However, when we added coriander leaves (with stalk and roots), this herb saver pod turned out to be extremely useful. – Even after 4 days, the herbs remained fresh.


– This herb saver tool proves to be a convenient way to retain the freshness of tender herbs for a long time. – It will also limit the flow of oxygen to the leaves that will prevent any browning. – In picture - coriander kept directly in fridge (left) and coriander in the herb saver pod (right) after 4 days.

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