We Found The Freshest Frozen Vegetables Brand

Our Review Process

– We thawed a portion outside the refrigerator. – These were blanched for around 10 minutes in order to eliminate any excess ice build up. – We prepared a basic sabzi with some some oil, ginger, salt and chillies. – No onion/tomato was used as it would significantly influence the taste of the veggies.


– Price - Rs 80/- for 500 gms – Shelf life - 18 months – The mix contains - Green peas, cauliflower florets, carrot cubes, and french beans. – Cooked well - Soft bite – Veggies retained their original flavors and did not feel stale, limp or watery. – The freshness of the frozen vegetables by Safal is commendable.

ITC Farmland

– Price - Rs 70/- for 500 gms – Shelf life - 12 months – Despite having a vibrant appearance, these did not look desirable. – The cuts were wildly uneven. – There were some whole beans, some humongous florets of cauliflower, and also some super thin slivers of carrots. – This doesn’t just impact the visual appeal but it also disturbs the time it requires to be cooked evenly.

Godrej Yummiez

– Price - Rs 90/- for 500 gms – Shelf life - 18 months – Neither appearance nor the taste were decent. – Lacked freshness in terms of vibrancy (Color) – They have been chopped/sliced very finely which brings down the versatility. – Even the characteristic flavors of veggies (sweetness of carrots, and peas; the taste of beans) were poor.

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