Are Doritos Sizzlin' Hot Nachos As Fiery As It Sounds?

Product Details

Price- Rs 50/- Net Quantity- 78 grams Mishry Rating-

Main Ingredients

– Corn (77%) – Palm Oil – Seasoning


– These are thin, almost even-looking, triangular-shapes pieces of nachos. – They had an obviously unnatural looking deep amber hue.


– In addition to the spice, we observed notes of cheese in the aroma. – Each nacho was dusted generously with the seasoning.

Taste + Texture

– These nachos had a great crunch, which spoke of the freshness too. – Visually appetizing


The complex but desirable flavor of cheese paired with chilli was tied together by a subtle tang which was present throughout. They aren’t something that would get your eyes watery and nose running, but pairing them with a mild dip/salsa would bring down the spice a bit.

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