Delectable Varieties Of Gujiya To Indulge In This Holi Season

Chocolate Gujiya

Chocolate lovers, we got you covered! – Unique twist – Generous filling of chocolate – A fusion recipe that is a hit amongst the kids.

Kaju Gujiya

– Kaju gujiya is a delicious amalgamation of cashews and khoya. – A rich covering of cashew dough – Generous stuffing of cashews, pista and badam.

Nutty Delight!

Kheer Gujiya

– A ring-shaped Bengali gujiya. – Milk-based sweet – Contains khoya or mawa. – Outer covering is made using semolina.

Baked Gujiya

If you are a health freak, this is for you! – Filled with milk solids, dates, coconuts, and nuts. – The dough is made using semolina and wheat. – Baked, not deep fried.


– A round-shaped gujiya. – Tastes similar to a regular gujiya. – The outer covering has maida – Filling contains dry fruits and mawa.

Pink Rose Gujiya

– Pink Rose gujiya is colorful – A dash of beetroot juice is added to give a rich gulabi color. – Filling includes ghee, semolina, nuts, and rose water

Beautiful & Vibrant

Thandai Gujiya

– A refreshing Indian drink, no in a gujiya. – Mix of cooling spices, rose petals, saffron, milk, and nuts. – Filling contains coconuts, thandai masala, sugar, mawa, and nuts.

Eat your thandai!

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