Ching’s Dragon Fire Chutney For Those Who LOVE Spicy Food

Product Details

– Price- Rs 90/- – Net Quantity- 250 grams – Main Ingredients- Chilli,Cotton seed oil,Sugar – Mishry Rating- 4.25/5


Offered in a glass bottle.Small paper booklet tied around the neck of the bottle.Details on the usage of the chutney given.


This is REALLY spicyVery fresh to taste and has warm garlicky notes.Make sure you add the chutney gradually and taste it at every stage to achieve a desirable spice level.Adjust the salt, as per your preference.


This is chunky. Not a smooth paste-like chutney.It has seeds and skin, giving it some texture and body.Dippable consistency

Our Verdict

Ching’s Dragon Fire Chutney is heavy on spice but not unbearable for people with a high tolerance level. It added a strong heat to our rice and snacks but we liked it.

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