Check Out Which Yogurt Brand Is The Best

Cocoberry Yogurt

Variety of flavours such as strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, and green apple topped with fresh fruits, exotic nuts and dried fruit.

Red Mango

– First frozen yogurt brand that launched flavored yogurts in India. – The most popular flavours are Kiwi and Madagascar Vanilla. – made of all-natural, non-fat, gluten-free ingredients.

Kiwi Kiss

– A South Indian frozen yogurt brand. – Uncomparable deliciousness and freshness.


– It is different from other as the yogurt is made in front of the customer in each of its outlets. – It does not uses any artificial ingredient.


– It is a type of packed yogurt. – Available in different flavors like vanilla, strawberry, and mango.. – It contains probiotic bacteria that benefits our digestive system and improves our immunity.


– Very affordable. – Two flavors - strawberry and mango. – It is 98% fat-free.

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