Daily Trail Mix   : Rs. 360 Apero Nut Mix :  Rs. 415 Roasted Seed Mix : Rs. 220 Gourmet Trail Mix : Rs. 495

What is the USP?

Bolas Roasted Seed Mix

- Visually appealing and unsalted - Pronounced crunch - Fresh tasting - High-quality seeds - Ideal for garnishing fruit bowls, oats, or smoothies

Bolas Gourmet Trail Mix

- Premium blend of nuts, berries, and seeds - Lightly seasoned with salt - Whole and generously sized nuts for freshness in every bite - Lovely crunch  - Pleasing chewiness from berries and raisins - Has premium nuts like pecan and macadamia

Bolas Apero Nut Mix

- Lightly salted, high-quality nuts - Fresh taste - Pronounced crunch - No rancid aftertaste - Slightly more premium option than the daily mix

Bolas Daily Trail Mix

- Unsalted nuts for the perfect crunch - Fresh - Raisins offer a pleasing chewy texture - Vibrant pumpkin seeds provide a satisfactory crunch

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