Vanilla Ice Cream: Tasty, Creamy And Lovely!


– Creamy, smooth texture of the ice cream. – Best overall taste. Intensity of vanilla flavor is the best. – Balanced sweetness. – Made using milk solids. No vegetable fat!


– The creamy, smooth texture of the ice cream is perfect. – Very rich vanilla flavor. – Made using milk solids. – Sweetness levels are higher than average and may feel overwhelming for some.

Mother Dairy

– Balanced sweetness. – Good vanilla flavor. – Creamy and smooth texture of the ice cream. – This has added color. – The ingredient list also has water which reduces the texture and mouthfeel marginally.


– This is very creamy. – Good packaging. – Extremely strong vanilla flavor which overpowers the palate. – Aftertaste of vanilla is also very high. – Sweetness is on the higher side.

Kwality Walls (Frozen Dessert)

– Vanilla flavor is nice. – It is labeled clearly and correctly as a frozen dessert. – More fluffy than creamy. – Synthetic food color, water, palm oil and liquid glucose are undesirable.

Cream Bell (Frozen Dessert)

– It is correctly labeled as a frozen dessert. – Our sample/packaging is leaky. The flavor of the paper lid has seeped into the sample. – Comparatively low creaminess. – Off putting vanilla flavor. – Sweetness levels are very high.

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