Best Thandai Masala Brands in India

Sada Bahar

Mishry Top Pick

– Subtle sweetness – This cannot be mixed manually, it needs a blender – Too much of the Thandai mix settles at the bottom, resulting in an undesirable mouthfeel.


– The ‘premix’ calls for five ingredients from the pantry. – Primary ingredients like nuts and seeds were missing. – Mixing required strenuous efforts. – This was just a sweetened milk.


– Fared exceptionally well on mixability. – We could spot some saffron strands. – Inviting aroma! – Of all contenders, this had the least residue setting at the bottom. – Gopaljee was quite sweet for our liking. – Contains added natural colors and natural flavors.

Urban Platter

– Full marks on packaging. – The brand offers the liberty of consuming sugar-free Thandai. – This is an aromatic premix. – No lumps were retained once mixed. – Bold cardamom flavor.


– Convenient packaging. – We appreciate the simple yet informative labels. – This premix emits a fresh aroma of cardamom. – Mixing is effortless. – Our Top Pick

Our Top Picks & Recommendation

Gulabs Instant Thandai Drink all the way! All prime aspects, from packaging to the taste test, and everything in between is commendable.

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