Best Thandai Brands In India


– Eco-friendly packaging – No preservatives – No added colors – Smooth, flowy consistency. – We liked an interplay of textures due to crushed nuts. – Tastes super refreshing! – Balanced sweetness

Bikano Kesaria

– Easy to mix – Tastes quite good – Refreshing aroma and balanced sweetness. – Flavors of saffron and black pepper were mild. – Sweetened with sucrose and liquid glucose. – Contains synthetic colors. – Contains sodium benzoate that we wouldn’t otherwise add to thandai.

Urban Platter 

– Looked appetizing – The rose and fennel seed aroma was desirable – Full marks on mixability – The crushed nuts add a nice texture. – Refreshing taste – Priced quite steeply


– The consistency is quite watery – Overwhelming aroma – It had a synthetic rose flavor – Bitter aftertaste


– This is packed decently. – Saffron has been added generously. – Visually appealing once mixed in milk. – This is overly sweet. – In addition to the acidity regulator, the brand also uses synthetic food colors.

Dhampur Green 

– Good mixability – The initial aroma was off-putting – We can only taste sugar

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