Best Soan Papdi For This Festive Season

Bikaji Sadabahar Soan Papdi

- Balanced sweetness levels.  - Uses ghee instead of palm oil.

Haldiram’s Soan Papdi

– No artificial colors are used. – The thin, flaky strands melt in your mouth.

Jabsons Soan Papdi

– It has zero trans fat. – The nuts taste fresh.

Ghasitaram Jaiccha Soan Papdi

– It is powdery and has uneven clumps. – Has an oily aftertaste.

Bikano Soan Papdi

– The dominant aroma is not very pleasing. – The strands, although thin, are not flaky.

Nathu’s Soan Papadi

– It melts in your mouth. – The sweetness is balanced.

Gits Open & Eat Soan Papdi

– The flakes have medium flakiness. – The sweetness is overbearing.

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