Best Mango Juice Brands You Should Try This Summer

Frooti Mango Drink

Frooti is our Top Pick because: – Apt consistency – Refreshing – Natural mango flavor – Desirable sweetness – Does not taste artificial or synthetic.

Maaza Mango Fruit Drink

– Fairly balanced sweetness – Moderately thick consistency – Mango flavor is not as robust as our Top Pick

Slice Mango Drink

– Slice has a very thick consistency. – Lacks the signature mango flavor. – Overly sweet. – Comparitively not as refreshing

Real Mango Drink

It has a sharp, acidic taste.Not as refreshing as the other contenders.Lacks a robust mango flavor.The consistency is too thin.

Why did we choose Frooti as our Top Pick? Why do we also recommend Maaza?

– We chose Frooti as our Top Pick because it has the richest, most robust sweet mango flavor. – When consumed chilled, this mango drink had the highest refreshing factor. – ‘Mango Frooti, Fresh And Juicy!’, indeed.

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