Celebrate Festive Season With Homemade  Gulab Jamun

Gits Gulab Jamun Dessert Mix

– The dough balls made were well-shaped. – The dough was easy to knead.

Chitale Instant Gulab Jamun Mix

– The dough balls were effortless and smooth. – They did not soak up any excess ghee.

MTR Ready Mix Gulab Jamun

– The gulab jamuns have a soft interior. – They soaked up a lot of ghee.

Nilon’s Instant Mix Gulab Jamun

– This was very easy to make. – The texture of the gulab jamuns is very mushy.

Aashirvaad Gulab Jamun Instant Mix

– The dough is easy to knead. – They soaked up too much sugar syrup, thus hampering the texture.

Haldiram’s Gulab Jamun Instant Mix

– Equal-sized gulab jamuns, the batter was grainy. – The flavor of cardamom is nice.

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