We Found The Best Frozen Veggie Sticks

Mishry Top Pick - Safal Veggie Sticks

– Perfect bread to stuffing ratio – Fresh and flavorful – Crispy! – Full of vibrant looking vegetables

Godrej Yummiez Crispy Veg Sticks

Convenient preparation Fresh, herby flavor Veggie-loaded – Unbalanced ratio of bread to stuffing

MCCain Veggie Fingers

Decent bread to filling ratio Garlic dominant flavor – Crunch is not bold – Low quantity of veggies – Mild seasoning

Amul Happy Treats Veggie Stix

Loaded with potatoes Very thick – Tasted bland – Texture of veggies needs improvement

For a lazy weekend or something to munch on during a cozy evening, we recommend Safal Veggie Sticks. These toothsome treats can be served with ketchup, mayo, a mint dip, or as a side with burgers and sandwiches.

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