Best Chewing Gum Brands In India


– Nostalgic strawberry flavor. – A very popular brand and loved by all.

2. Big Babool Gum

– Lots of other flavors like mix fruit, strawberry, cola, and watermelon. – One of the most popular chewing gums in India.

3. Center Fresh

– The chewing gum has a liquid centre. – The flavor is minty.

4. Happydent

– It gives a perfect cooling effect in your mouth. – Has a whitening effect.

5. Wrigley’s Double Mint

– It has a bold mint flavor. – It comes in a convenient packet that fits right into your pocket.

6. Centre Fruit

– It is India’s first-ever liquid-filled and fruit-flavored gum. – Centre fruit comes in varieties of flavors like tutti-frutti, watermelon, strawberry, and mango.

7. Trident Cinnamon Sugar Free Gum

– This is cinnamon flavored. – It is sugar free.

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